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    Ultrasone´s technologies are unique. The inimitable S-LOGIC™ Natural Surround Sound and Ultra Low Emission technologies is the invention of Ultrasone. This unique system is exclusive to Ultrasone and integrates safer hearing technologies without compromising its superb audio listening environment. These are fundamental aspects to modern headphones.

    S-LOGIC™ Natural Surround Sound – To Hear Is To See: 3-Dimensional

    Unique? Yes! Revolutionary? Definitely! The patented S-LOGIC™ technology is described as a Natural Surround Sound System. Ultrasone S-Logic LogoNo other digital surround system can compare with this standard. Conventional headphones push the sound directly into the ear from both sides, whereas the S-LOGIC™ system feeds the sound around your head and the result is that it appears as though you are listening to speaker's metres away.

    Even at very low levels, the spacious sound allows you to hear each and every individual sound which offers great detail and gives you hours of fatigue free listening.

    How Does S-LOGIC™ Natural Surround Sound Work?

    S-LOGIC™ sends music around your head not just into it, this is achieved by using decentralized driver positioning. Did you know that you need the outer ear for your three-dimensional listening and understanding and to define the direction and distance of where a sound comes from? So, instead of hitting the inner ear directly, the S-LOGIC™ signals are reflected off the surface of the outer ear in different directions before entering the auditory canal to create a natural three-dimensional Sound.

    S-LOGIC™ is the only headphone system which includes your entire sense of hearing. S-LOGIC™ does not change your personal hearing, it intensifies it for your individual needs and listening pleasure. S-LOGIC™ does NOT employ or need artificial echo, digital sound processing or cross over run time delay.

    S-LOGIC™ does not only create a Natural Surround Sound sensation, it simultaneously allows a reduction of sound pressure levels to the eardrum by up to 40% (3 - 4 dB). This can reduce the risk of hearing damage while ensuring hours of fatigue-free listening.

    S-Logic® Natural Surround Sound

    Ultrasone´s S-LOGIC™ Technology Wins Prestigious Innovation Plus X Award®

    May 2010 – Ultrasone AG is proud to announce that its S-LOGIC™ Technology has been awarded the Innovation Plus X Award® for its state-of-the-art technology and future-proof design. The internationally renowned Plus X Award® is the largest technology, sports and lifestyle competition in the world. Winning technologies are selected by a panel comprised of 144 distinguished members, handpicked for their expertise in numerous industries, hailing from 32 different countries.

    Ultrasone - S-LOGIC™ PLUS

    Ultrasone S-Logic Plus Logo

    S-LOGIC™ Plus is the newest advancement in the S-LOGIC™ Natural Surround System, squeezing the BIG S-LOGIC™ soundstage found in our PRO series headphones into the more streamlined ear-cups of select HFI & DJ models (HFI-580, HFI-680, HFI-780, DJ1).

    S-LOGIC™ Plus profits directly from innovations developed for our flagship Edition range, the ultimate headphones for critical listening.

    This sophisticated new technology combines precision dampening with micro-acoustic reinforcement, allowing driver, buffer-board, and spatial parameters to complement one another in an optimal manner. So the acoustically redesigned ear-cups of these new models and their tonal fine-tuning result in a most neutral sound impression with more vivid perception of voices and instruments.


    Ultrasone - ULE-Technology (Ultra Low Emission) - MU Metal Shielding

    Most headphone drivers produce low-frequency magnetic fields as they convert an electrical signal into the acoustical signal that we hear as music. Ultrasone has developed a special MU Metal shielding that we call ULE (for Ultra Low Emissions) to reduce this radiation by up to 98%, compared to conventional headphones. This technology has withstood the test of international review and is recommended by technical surveillance organizations. Ultrasone originally developed ULE-technology for PROfessionals, since they spend half of their lives in headphones. But due to overwhelming consumer demand, we are pleased to offer ULE in the other Ultrasone lines.

    Electro Mag:
    Some more information about electro magnetic radiation: Electronic equipment emits low/high frequency magnetic/electric radiation, which is also called Electro-Mag. Electro-Mag is assumed to be harmful to our health. This is proved by medical research all over the world.

    In order to protect health of people working within an electrically surrounded environment, clear limits about the maximum radiation emissions have been occasionally defined. For example in the TCO '99 for the allowed magnetic emission of computer screens, in a distance of 30 cm, a maximum of 200 nT (nanoteslas) is the upper recommended limit. Recommendations for the low-frequency magnetic emissions in case of headsets and headphones are still pending or are not really in the focus of importance yet. This is quite surprising as every user is carrying this very emissive equipment directly on his head! Nevertheless, we note a rapidly increasing demand for shielded headphones and headsets.

    Within a research of 60 current headsets (1999 - 2000) ULTRASONE found out, that the average magnetic field emission of headsets is more than 1000 nT with a peak maximum of 2100 nT - on average. This is more than four times the maximum, recommended for computer screens in TCO '99; irresponsible cases show even more than ten times the maximum! The developed and patented ULE-technology from ULTRASONE brings magnetic field emissions of headsets and headphones down to less than 90 nT.