RME 5 Year Warranty

We know that your music is important to you and that the quality and performance of the gear you choose has a direct effect on the sound of your production. We also understand that reliability is key to anyone who does not want to compromise their work, short or long term.

So, how can you guarantee reliability?

Well, it's a fact that within the industry, RME Audio has gained a well earned reputation for designing and manufacturing audio interfaces that offer unrivalled quality, performance and reliability on Mac, PC and iPad. It is due to this dependable consistency, that we are in the unique position of being able to offer a 5 Year Warranty on all RME Audio products that are purchased from authorised UK dealers.

How do I claim my 5 Year Warranty?

Firstly, it is important to note that the 5 Year Warranty is only available on RME Audio products purchased from an authorised UK dealer. Once you have purchased your unit, simply go to our Warranty Support Area and complete the form. You will then receive confirmation that you have been registered.

No other audio interface company is able to offer such a long warranty, because no other company has the confidence to back their audio interface for longer than 1 or 2 years.

So, why compromise on quality, performance or reliability?

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