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Dynaudio UK Dealers

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Studio Monitors

For mixing and mastering

Mixing with Dynaudio at Air Studios

Studio Monitors

Studio and Post-Production

Studio Monitors

Stereo, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos

Legendary Studio Sound

Active nearfield studio monitors need to present the unvarnished truth: no colouration, no distortion, no flattery of the music running through them. You need to be able to hear exactly what each thread of the music is doing – so, when it comes to mixing and mastering, you know you can deliver exactly what the artist wants.

Dynaudio’s BM and LYD Series of studio monitors combine decades of experience in the design of full-scale, zero-compromise reference systems for major studios worldwide, with cutting-edge R&D, digital processing technology and materials science, not to mention expertise in home and car audio.

And that combination means you hear nothing but the truth.

Mixing with Dynaudio in Air Studio 3


BM Classic Series

The Classics

Dynaudio BM Classic Studio Monitors

✓ Classic Dynaudio sound
✓ Active nearfield monitors
✓ MSP Drivers (Magnesium Silicate Polymer)
✓ LF / HF Adjustment
✓ XLR & RCA Connections

LYD Series

The Updates

Dynaudio LYD Series Studio Monitors

✓ Available in Black or White
✓ Updated modern sound
✓ Active nearfield monitors
✓ MSP Drivers (Magnesium Silicate Polymer)
✓ DSP Freqency Adjustment
✓ Sound Balance Filter (B/N/D)
✓ XLR & RCA Connections


True Bass

Dynaudio S Series Subwoofers

✓ Compatible with all BM and LYD monitors
✓ 300w or 500w amplifier
✓ Preset Speaker Crossover Filters
✓ MSP Long-Throw Woofer
✓ Adjustable Crossover
✓ XLR Connections
✓ Class D Amplifier
✓ Daisy-Chain Multiple Subwoofers

Mixing with Dynaudio in Air Studio 3

Introducing the LYD 48: 3-way Personal Reference Monitor

Daniel Miller in the studio with Dynaudio montiors

Dynaudio Reviews

DJ Booth Logo

LYD 48 |
Exceptionally accurate mix experience

"a true step forward for an already legendary brand..." (Rating: 10/10)

- DJ Booth

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TapeOp Logo

LYD 48 |
The best bargain in mid-range monitors!

"They sound like the Dynaudios that I know and love, but there is also something much greater to them..."

- TapeOp Magazine

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LYD Series Reviews | The Updates...

Studio Magazin Logo

LYD 5 |
Professional sound for everyone

"Dynaudio has set a clear example that a professional, transparent-sounding studio monitor can be affordable for everyone."

- Studio Magazin

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Sonic Scoop Logo

LYD 7 |
Pro-level precision at a mid-level price point

"This sleek and modern speaker is innovation at its finest and is an absolute joy to work on."

- Sonic Scoop

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Pro Tools Expert Logo

LYD 5, 7 & 8 |
Nearfield size. Main monitor sound.

"The LYD 7 is a fantastic replacement for the BM6A MKII. It sits in that space where you want near field size but main monitor sound."

- Pro Tools Expert

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Sound On Sound Logo

LYD 5 & 8 |
Engineering integrity = Classy and capable

"They look great, their performance is up there with the best in their class, and that they’re relatively affordable only increases their appeal."

- Sound On Sound

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BM Series Reviews | The Classics...

Resident Advisor Logo

Mid-range separation is a joy to work with

"The bass is not only suitable for modern electronic music needs, but gives a level of detail that surprises at both this size and price point."

- Resident Advisor

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Sound On Sound Logo

BM15A |
Stereo imaging is amongst the best I have heard

"As you can tell, I like the BM15As very much indeed...

...the overall sound quality would be hard to beat at any price."

- Sound On Sound

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Mixing in the Dynaudio Unheard Mobile Studio

About Dynaudio

Dynaudio Speakers Logo over a Dynaudio tweeter

Dynaudio Studio Monitors


Founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, Dynaudio has over 40 years experience in the production of high-end loudspeakers.


Precision manufactured for incredible sonic performance, Dynaudio provides accurate, transparent monitoring to professional recording studios the world over, as well as supplying luxury speakers to the home and car audio markets (Volvo, Volkswagen, Bugatti).


From the contemporary LYD and classic BM Series, to the high-end Core and M Series of studio monitors, Dynaudio's focus on accuracy has made them a household name of recording studios and broadcast audio worldwide.


In the UK, Dynaudio can be found in major recording studios such as Abbey Road and Air Studios, as well as being the monitor of choice for national broadcasters, film, TV, gaming and post-production studios mixing in surround sound and Dolby Atmos.


Find out which studios are using Dynaudio Pro monitors


Research & Development (Jupiter)

Dynaudio's Jupiter speaker measurement testing facility in action

Jupiter - Dynaudio's astonishing measurement testing facility


At the heart of Dynaudio Labs in Denmark sits Jupiter, Dynaudio's incredible measurement testing facility - complete with a giant robot arm!


A hollow cube measuring 13 metres in every direction, Jupiter is packed with cutting-edge technology, allowing the development team to make infinitesimally small measurements of every Dynaudio speaker, and from any angle.


Driven by proprietary software created in-house at Dynaudio, Jupiter's robot arm is mounted with 31 microphones at 6° intervals, and can measure 180° of sound in a single go.


Of course, a good engineer is never satisfied. “I wouldn’t be doing this any more if I was satisfied,” says Dynaudio's Alex Newman, on the subject of Dynaudio's enduring quest for sonic excellence. “If I was, what would I be trying to achieve after that?”


Dynaudio's engineering team may never be 100% happy – but Jupiter allows them to get very close!


Watch the Dynaudio Jupiter promotional video here


BM Series - Filters & EQ

Dynaudio BM5 MkIII Rear Panel

On-board EQ Adjustments

Dynaudio's BM series feature on-board filters, allowing users to make adjustments to accommodate for variations in acoustic environments, and to personal taste.




• HF Trim (> 3kHz, -5dB)

• LF Trim (< 100 Hz, -5dB)




• HF Trim (up to 15 kHz, +/-6dB)

• LF Trim (down to 50 Hz, +/-6dB)




The BM5 MkIII also features an MF / notch filter, designed to compensate for the acoustic effect of a console, as well as a high-pass filter for matching with subwoofers.


• LF Trim (+/- 2dB)

• MF (-2dB / -4dB)

• HF (+/-1dB)

• HP (Flat / 60 Hz / 80 Hz)


LYD Series - DSP Settings

Dynaudio LYD DSP Settings Diagram

DSP Control

All Dynaudio LYD Series monitors feature on-board DSP processing, allowing users to optimise each speaker for different acoustic environments, and to adjust for personal taste.

Bass Extension
• -10Hz (greatest low frequency extension, -5dB max power output)
• 0 Hz
• +10Hz (loudest output with least low frequency extension, +5dB max power output)

Sound Balance
The sound balance (or 'tilt filter') affects the overall tone of the speaker, allowing for compensation in an overly dead or bright room.

• Bright (20Hz -1.5dB, 20kHz +1.5dB)
• Neutral (no filter applied)
• Dark (20Hz +1.5dB, 20kHz -1.5 dB)

The position switch helps in taming reflections from the wall behind each speaker.

• Wall (Select this setting when LYDs are positioned within 50cm of a back wall boundary)
• Free (Select this setting if your speakers are placed further than 50cm from any wall)


Where To Buy

Dynaudio PRO Studio Monitors are available from a number of UK-based retailers, all of whom keep regular stock of the Dynaudio BM Classic and LYD Series of speakers and subwoofers.

Whether you need a single pair of monitors for your recording studio, or a larger number of speakers (for multiple edit rooms, 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound or Dolby Atmos setups), purchasing from one of our authorised UK retailers will provide you with the best service in terms of pre- and post-sales support.

Scroll down for a list of dealers stocking Dynaudio studio monitors in the UK.

Find your nearest Dynaudio UK Dealer:

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Mixing in Air Studios with Dynaudio BM Series of studio monitors

If you’d like to know more about any of Dynaudio's BM Classic, LYD or Core Series of professional studio monitors, give us a call on 01727 821 870 to speak to one of our team or to arrange a demo.

You can also contact us here.

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