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RME Announce Major Updates for ADI-2 Pro and Anniversary Edition

3rd May 2017 12:19 pm

RME ADI-2 Pro UpdatesRME have announced the release of a major firmware update for the ADI-2 Pro and AE (Anniversary Edition), which substantially extends its functionality, usability and operation.

The ADI-2 Pro has already produced many gushing compliments from the most respected of industry reviewers. "All it lacks is competition" and "I can’t think of another two-channel A-D/D-A converter that can match the ADI-2 Pro’s versatility, and few can match its technical performance" are just two of the many summations.  

And now with this latest firmware release, the RME team adds even more exciting and unique features that turn the ADI-2 Pro into a reference of its own.

The list of new features, changes, and extensions is long, but possibly the most significant are the rewriting and restructuring of parts of the DSP code resulting in lowered resource usage. This has allowed RME to activate the full frequency range for the third EQ band, which can now operate down to 20 Hz.  The freed DSP resources have also allowed for a major overhaul of the handling of channels 1 and 2, volume control features on the rear outputs as well as optimised digital volume control to preserve a full 190 dB distortion-free resolution on the digital outputs.

Further additions include tint control over the ADI-2 Pro’s LCD screen and the ability to quickly and easily see overload with the big Volume numbers now flashing red on hot signals. The GUI has not been missed either, optimisations include some newly programmed controls including encoder increments, as well as extended pan and EQ control. 

Other new functions include the ability to turn the bass and treble on and off, which is essential for auditioning EQ settings, and toggling between phones and rear outputs in the controls means that you no longer have to plug/unplug your headphones. The designers have also implemented a whole bunch of new mute functionality which are useful options for those who prefer a single button solution.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the updates here, so you can find a complete list and explanations of all the new fixes, functions and features here by visiting the dedicated post on the RME forum here; 

All the necessary related files (Bit Test, firmware update, driver update, manuals) can be found here;


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