Calrec Hydra2 MADI I/O (BNC or Multimode SC) (DISCONTINUED)

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Calrec Hydra2 JM5736 - JM5831 - JM5890

Fixed Format MADI I/O

Please note that this product has been discontinued - contact us to discuss alternatives.

Available in the following 3 versions;

  • JM5736 - BNC & Multimode SC Fibre
  • JM5890 - BNC & Multimode ST Fibre
  • JM5831 - BNC & Singlemode SC Fibre


Calrec Hydra2 JM5736, JM5831 & JM5890

A range of Calrec MADI I/O units are available offering various fibre connection types for the MADI audio interface.

Calrec Hydra2 - Fixed Format MADI IO - front-panel - Synthax Audio UK


Like all I/O boxes, Hydra2 network components interface via pluggable SFP modules, allowing the connection type to the Calrec routing network to be changed as and when needed.

The actual MADI audio I/O fibre connections, used to interface with other MADI systems however, are of a fixed type that cannot be changed.

The type of MADI I/O fibre connections required dictates the I/O box that should be ordered.

Other than MADI I/O fibre connectivity, all MADI I/O box types are identical.

In addition to fibre connectivity, all MADI I/O boxes also have MADI inputs and outputs via BNC connectors for coaxial copper use.

Calrec Hydra2 - Fixed Format MADI IO - rear-panel - Synthax Audio UK

I/O & audio channels

All MADI units have 2 x MADI inputs (labelled 'Rx'—receive) and 2 x MADI outputs (labelled 'Tx'—transmit), providing a total maximum of 128 channels of inputs and 128 channels of outputs, simultaneously, per MADI I/O box.

The I/O is grouped under two 'ports'—each port consisting of 1 x MADI input stream, & 1 x MADI output stream.

Each port can be selected independently to operate in the standard 64 channel mode, or 56 channel mode to match the equipment being interfaced with.

The input for each port can be independently selected to receive via either the copper or fibre connector.

Outputs from the box are fed to both copper and fibre connectors simultaneously, irrespective of this setting.

Fans / airflow

MADI I/O units are not fitted with fans. Cooling is by natural airflow through the side panels which should not be obstructed.

Not compatible with Calrec GPIO

Due to the compact 1U enclosure, MADI I/O boxes can NOT be fitted with a GPIO card.

Sample rate conversion & sync

There is no sample rate conversion available for Calrec Fixed Format MADI I/O units. To guarantee audio performance, equipment being connected to MADI I/O should be locked to the same derived sync source as the Calrec router.

Calrec Hydra2 JM5736

Calrec Hydra2 JM5736 - Front-Panel - Synthax Audio UK

Calrec Hydra2 JM5736, JM5831 & JM5890 - Front-Panel (click to enlarge)

Calrec Hydra2 JM5736 - Rear-Panel - Synthax Audio UK

Calrec Hydra2 JM5736, JM5831 & JM5890 - Rear-Panel (click to enlarge)


Calrec Hydra2 JM5831 – MADI I/O (BNC OR MULTIMODE SC)




2 x MADI (2 x 64 / 56 channels)


2 x MADI (2 x 64 / 56 channels)

Audio Connectors

BNC & Multimode SC Fibre

GPIO compatible





19' rackmount (483 mm)


9' (230 mm)

Depth inc rear mating connectors

12' (300 mm)

Approx Weight

7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)

Input Power

100-240 V AC, 0.20-0.12 A RMS, 50/60 Hz

Acoustic Noise

N/A - No fans fitted in this unit

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