Ferrofish A32 (Discontinued)

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Ferrofish A32
32 IN /32 OUT AD/DA

This product has been discontinued.

For the latest version, please see the Ferrofish A32pro.

This page is for the base model Ferrofish A32.

A version with Dante I/O is also available here.

  • 32 balanced inputs, 32kHz - 192kHz
  • 32 balanced outputs, 32kHz -192kHz
  • MADI optical and coaxial
  • 4x ADAT TOSLINK inputs
  • 4x ADAT TOSLINK outputs
  • S/MUX up to 192kHz
  • BNC Wordclock
  • Redundant Power Inlets*
  • USB connection for firmware updates
  • 4x TFT Screens allow control of all levels & settings
  • All 64 channels visible simultaneously (peak & level display)
  • Extensive routing/mixing possibilities
  • Comprehensive manual, visible via the TFT Screens

*Please note the Ferrofish A32 ships with a single power supply. Additional PSUs can be purchased here.

Ferrofish A32 on tour with Ellie Goulding


The Evolution of the Ferrofish A32

Ferrofish set a very high standard with the A16 MkII. There had never before been a quality solution for MADI conversion at such an attractive price. And with an ever increasing demand for more channels to be converted, Ferrofish are setting a new standard with the A32.

In addition to a complete redesign of the A/D – D/A section, many other useful features have been added. The new A32 is again a quantum leap in converter technology, for the same price per channel!

Ferrofish A32 - Front Panel - Click To Enlarge

Ferrofish A32 - Made for MADI

Up to 64 channels can be transferred using a simple pair of glass fibre cables (or coaxial cable) spanning a distance of up to 2 kilometres (1.2 miles).

Thanks to the MIDI over MADI feature, the A32 is remote controllable using MIDI data embedded in the same MADI cable. The audio transfer between the MADI input and MADI output is done with zero latency, so you can daisy chain multiple A32 without any added latency or delay compensation. This is what we call plug-and-play!

Your companion for live and studio work

Besides MADI, the A32 also offers full ADAT integration. Four ADAT I/O ports allow use of all 64 analog channels, even without MADI. So the A32 is perfectly suited for the professional and ambitious home recording studio.

One of the ADAT connectors can alternately be used as an optical S/PDIF or AES/EBU interface. This port has a sample rate converter inside, so it's easy to use even when the connected unit is not able to sync to an external clock.

A USB connection provides easy access to firmware updates.

The analogue side of the A32 also has lot to offer: High quality converter chips with excellent audio performance are supported by a sophisticated analogue amplifier circuit.



Optional: Additional UK Power Supply

The Ferrofish A32 ships with a single UK power supply.

If you'd like to add a second power supply (for redundancy), additional PSU's are also available here.

The gain of each channel can be adjusted separately in 0.5dB steps. The standard levels (+4dBu,+13dBu and +20dBu) are switched in the analogue part, so performance of the analog converters is maintained.

Ferrofish A32 - Rear Panel - Click To Enlarge

Control of all 64 channels, levels and settings

The new visual control concept of the A32 embarks on a new path: Besides the precise level meters of all 64 analog channels, the four TFT displays offer a very new, self explanatory method of operation – it's unlikely you will ever need the manual!

To the audio under control, we added a headphone output on the front side. This not only allows direct monitoring of any analogue or digital signal, but also works as submix bus.

The high quality analogue circuit is partnered on the digital side with a Sharc DSP. This processor takes great care of the digital audio with it's floating point arithmetic and 80 bit wide accumulator, so that on the digital side, not a bit gets lost!


Ferrofish A32 Dante

A Dante version of the Ferrofish A32 is also available, featuring an additional interface with 64 digital inputs and 64 digital outputs, and allows for seemless integration with any existing Dante networks.

For more information, visit the Ferrofish A32 Dante webpage.


Optional: Video and Mixer DSP Plugin upgrades

The Ferrofish A32 and Ferrofish A32 Dante can be upgraded additionally with two DSP plugins;

Ferrofish Mixer DSP: Enables the routing of submixes to the A32 / A32 Dante's analogue outputs (as stereo mixes). Find out more

Ferrofish Video Clock DSP: Outputs a video clock to BNC, enabling video equipment to be synced to the A32 / A32 Dante. Find out more


  • 32 balanced analogue inputs, 32kHz - 192kHz
  • 32 balanced analogue outputs, 32kHz - 192kHz
  • Thermal stabilised oscillator with very low jitter and high stability
  • MADI optical and coaxial
  • MIDI over MADI
  • 4x ADAT TOSLINK inputs
  • 4x ADAT TOSLINK outputs
  • SMUX up to 192kHz
  • BNC Wordclock
  • MIDI I/O and MIDI over MADI
  • Headphone /submix output for easy control
  • 4x TFT Screens allow complete control of all levels and settings
  • One Key Control allows easy control of all functions
  • 64 analogue channels are visible the same time, peak and level display
  • No need to study the manual, multi language help pages guides available
  • Preset Management
  • 400MHz Sharc DSP processes all 258 audio channels
  • Extensive routing/mixing possibilities
  • Individual delay-compensation of all analogue outputs

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