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13th December 2011 1:22 pm

RMExpert - Get A DemoAt Synthax Audio we are constantly working to improve how we serve and support RME customers in the UK, and as part of this, we are pleased to announce that we are launching “RMExpert”, an in-store programme which is dedicated to offering you the best possible service for RME products.

We have handpicked a number of enthusiastic and knowledgeable sales people in various RME authorised stores across the UK and have trained them to a level that qualifies them as RMExpert’s. As this training is ongoing, this means that RMExpert’s will be able to offer a commitment of service never before seen in the UK.


So, how can an RMExpert help you?
RMExperts LogoIt’s worth pointing out that RMExpert’s already know their stuff, many are musicians, engineers, editors, writers and producers so understand the requirements and demands of anyone who is looking to invest in their studio, live, post-production or broadcast  facility. But now, any RMExpert can offer the following:

Want a comprehensive RME demo?
All RMExpert’s have demo RME stock on their shop floor or in their demo rooms, including the new Fireface UFX, and are able to give you a comprehensive demo. As well as a thorough walk through RME hardware, RMExpert’s are able to take you through Totalmix and Totalmix FX, RME’s software user interface for routing, mixing and now dynamics and FX.


RME Fireface UFX

Which RME interface is for you?
With such a comprehensive range of products that include Analogue, ADAT, AES, S/PDIF and MADI I/O using Firewire, USB 2.0, PCI, PCIe and PCI Express connectivity,  RMExpert’s can offer you help and advice on which RME solution would be best suited to your application.

Can you buy from an RMExpert?
RMExpert’s and the stores that they work for hold plenty of RME stock and are the perfect place to buy after you have had your demo.


And what about after you have bought your RME interface?
Even when you have bought and started using your RME interface, you can go back to your RMExpert for advice. He or she will also be able to point you to more resources such as videos and forums to help you get the best from your interface. And of course, you can always contact us if you need even more expertise, we are always happy to help.

How do I contact an RMExpert?
You can contact any of our RMExpert’s directly here. Go on, give them a call or email them to set up a demo or to more information.

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