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New RME TotalMix FX Video Tutorial

9th February 2012 4:50 pm

TotalMix-FX-Fireface-UFXRME’s Totalmix is far more than a mixing and routing front end for RME audio interfaces. In fact, their recent launch of X-Core products which include the Babyface, Fireface UCX and the prolific Fireface UFX has landed hand in hand with a new version of the much loved software, RME Totalmix FX. You now have a range of functions and features never before seen by RME owners including FX and dynamics.

We asked Synthax Audio (UK) product manager, Rob Masters, to introduce and give us a heads up on the new RME Totalmix FX. So, here are 2 new video tutorials (below) that will certainly get you started and will show you the power of the software.

The RME Totalmix FX tutorial part 1 covers: Totalmix FX layout; Routing; Channel Settings and the Control Room section (Foldback and/or headphone mix, monitoring etc)

The RME Totalmix FX tutorial part 2 covers: FX (& dynamics); Undo, redo, view options, snapshots, groups and workspaces; Remote control


We hope that these tutorials of help to you.


RME TotalMix FX Tutorial Part 1


RME TotalMix FX Tutorial Part 2

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