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Synthax & RME Competition Giveaway – RME Fireface UFX II Winner Announced

15th November 2017 1:19 pm

RME Fireface UFX II - Dan McGlynn - Competition Winner - Synthax Audio UKCongratulations to the winner of the Synthax Audio UK 10th Anniversary Competition Giveaway

This year is our 10th year anniversary, and to celebrate this landmark we decided to give away an RME Fireface UFX II audio interface to one lucky musician!

And we're pleased to announce our winner is Dan McGlynn of Manchester, whose name was pulled out of the Synthax hat! Congratulations Dan and enjoy your new interface, we wish you many happy years of high quality recording.

Big thanks to everyone who entered. Be sure to look out for more competitions from us by staying tuned to our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter, as we'll be running more competitions with great prizes in the future. Here's to another great 10 years of pro audio distribution! 


RME Fireface UFX II

The RME Fireface UFX II is the successor to the popular RME Fireface UFX, which has been powering recording studios and live rigs around world since 2010. Versatile connections, super low-latency, RME's famously rock-solid drivers, equal performance on Mac and PC, plus the routing and mixing flexibility of TotalMix FX – the Fireface UFX quickly became a choice interface for sound engineers working in a variety of audio disciplines.

RME Fireface UFX II - Synthax Audio UK

Competition winner Dan McGlynn is the proud new owner of the RME Fireface UFX II

With the UFX II, RME have taken everything that was great about the Fireface UFX and combined it with the company’s additional developments over the past 7 years. The latest high-end AD/DA converters, optimised analogue I/O circuits, and improved SNR and THD values guarantee the transparent, crystal-clear audio that RME is known for. The preamps have been redesigned, giving you more gain to play with (75dB), and the improved SNR (115 dB RMS unweighted, 118 dBA) ensures you’ll be making super-clean and detailed recordings even when working with quieter sources.

On top of this, the two new high-power headphone outputs have also been redesigned, with an output impedance of 2 Ohms providing enough juice to power any pair of headphones regardless of their impedance. The new silver housing also means the Fireface UFX II fits nicely alongside other recent products from the latest range, such as the Fireface UFX+, Fireface 802, Babyface Pro and the new MADIface Pro.

 RME Fireface 802 - TotalMix FX

TotalMix FX

TotalMix FX is RME’s comprehensive routing and mixing control software, essentially turning the UFX II into a full-blown digital mixing desk and monitoring controller, complete with EQ, Reverb/Delay and Compression on every channel, plus additional features like M/S processing and phase inversion switches, fader groups, soloing and muting, plus unlimited routing between the UFX II's inputs and outputs at zero latency.

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DURec – Direct USB Recording

One of the most unique features of the UFX II is DURec (Direct USB Recording). All of the UFX II's audio channels can be recorded directly to a USB thumb drive or external hard drive via the USB port found on the front panel, turning the UFX into a standalone hard disk recorder (complete with Timecode, plus options for playback too). Alternatively, you can also use DURec to simultaneously make a backup multi-track recording of your session. If you suddenly have an unexpected issue with your computer during a take, no problem – that perfect performance will still be saved to your thumb drive!


RME ARC USB - Synthax Audio UKAdvanced Remote Control USB (ARC USB)

The Fireface UFX II also has a USB port for connecting the new RME ARC USB, the advanced remote control. The ARC USB can be connected to a Mac or PC’s USB port, or directly to the Fireface UFX II itself. Also the UFX II features front panel controls, the ARC USB provides quicker and easier access for control over the UFX II when recording in standalone mode.

The programmable function keys can be mapped to control a wide variety of commands in TotalMix FX. Levels, gains, groups, submixes and effects, as well as preset recall, A/B speaker switching, talkback, dim, mono and many more features can be controlled directly from the USB remote.


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Find out more about the RME ARC USB (Advanced Remote Control)


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