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NAMM 2018: RME TotalMix FX 1.50 with Remote Control (video)

16th Feb 2018 12:28 pm

RME at NAMM 2018RME's Joost Bullens takes us through the new TotalMix FX 1.5 and TotalMix Remote, which allows for remote control of RME audio interfaces over any network

RME chose this year's NAMM show to unveil TotalMix FX 1.5, the latest update to RME's comprehensive routing and mixing software.

Along with the usual improvements and bug fixes, the big news regarding this version is the inclusion of TotalMix Remote, a new app for remote controlling RME audio interfaces over any network.

RME's product specialist Joost Bullens was on-hand to take us through this exciting and unique technology from RME. TotalMix Remote is currently still in the beta stage, but once completed will be available as a free update to all RME interfaces users.


Watch the RME TotalMix FX 1.5 with Remote Control NAMM 2018 Video

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RME announces TotalMix FX 1.50 - News ImageTotalMix Remote – remote control your audio interface over WiFi and the internet

TotalMix FX has always been controllable remotely via MIDI and the Mackie protocol, and we've spoken to many engineers who are using Hexler's TouchOSC to create custom interfaces for using TotalMix FX with an iPad. However, none of these methods offers the full functionality of the software, and can be subject to performance issues. And of course, the graphical interfaces also differ greatly, although a dedicated TotalMix FX app for iPad is available from RME.

TotalMix 1.5 and TotalMix Remote streamlines control over RME audio interfaces, and allows for control via private networks and WiFi, even from a completely different location via the internet!

RME's head of design Matthias Carstens explains, "TotalMix Remote with TotalMix FX 1.5 is capable of multi-device, multi-remote and multi-host operation. On the remote computer the extended remote functions of the normal desktop version are also available, so a remote of the remote via MIDI and Mackie protocol, typically with fader banks in hardware, is possible (Mac and Win, not iPad). Even the popular RME ARC USB, a USB-based remote control with a rotary wheel and 15 freely programmable, illuminated buttons, can be connected to the remote computer and used with the software TotalMix Remote (as the ARC USB can not be connected to an iPad this is not possible under iOS)."

"In contrast to popular, browser-based network solutions, TotalMix FX minimizes the burden on the remote client and the host, and thrills with fluid operation without delays. This is true even if a fader group is moved quickly, and many nodes need to process changing gain values. Even using standard WiFi, TotalMix Remote works quickly and seamlessly with TotalMix FX 1.5."

Whether you're looking to mix from a remote location; wirelessly with a Windows or iOS tablet over WiFi; provide musicians with the ability to control their individual monitor mixes; or simply need a separate display for metering for all inputs, outputs and software playback channels, TotalMix Remote opens up a world of new possibilites.

What's more, this new network capability can be used with any RME audio interface or soundcard that's compatible with TotalMix FX, including devices dating all the way back to 2001!

TotalMix FX 1.5 and TotalMix Remote will be available free of charge to all RME interface owners, with support for Windows and Mac OS computers, and Windows and iOS tablets. The full version will be available soon, but if you'd like to test it out for yourself right now, you can download the beta from the RME forums here.


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