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Icon Pro Audio: iMap Software Now Available for Mac OS and Windows

23rd Feb 2018 4:12 pm

Icon Platform M+ iMap Software - Synthax Audio UKIcon's MIDI-mapping software iMap now available for Mac OS and Windows users

Icon's DAW controllers bridge the gap between hardware and software, adding hands-on control to mixing in-the-box. Both the Icon QCon Pro X and Platform Series controllers come with a selection of pre-defined modes for the majority of the most popular DAWs, but if you want to create your own custom MIDI mappings and store them to your control surface, you'll need to download the iMap software from Icon's website.

Up until now this has only been available on Windows for the QCon Pro X and Platform Series, but the Icon team have been hard at work behind the scenes, and we're pleased to report that Mac OS users can now create their own custom MIDI-maps too.

Once you've downloaded and installed iMap for your device, you'll need to select the the User Define Mode preset, and open the iMap software on your Mac. This will now allow you customise the buttons, faders and knobs to your liking.

Any MIDI message available within your DAW can be mapped including FX parameters, such as Filter Cutoff and resonance, Wet/Dry amount on your DAW's reverb, your compressor's threshold, saturation amount on your favourite distortion plugin, or controlling pitch, tempo, or jumping to punch-in points and markers you've set up in a track.

The latest firmware update is also now available for all Icon Pro Audio DAW controller users.

Download the latest firmware updates and iMap software

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Icon APP - Auto Program Panels for QCon Pro X - Synthax Audio UK.pngIcon APP – Automatic DAW Detection

If you're an Icon QCon Pro X user, you'll also want to take a look at the new Icon APPs (Automatic Program Panels). These aluminium shortcut key identifiers are available for all of the QCon Pro X's supported DAWs, and can replace the default Cubase/Nuendo panel with one to match your favourite music production software.

As the name suggests, the Icon APP is automatically detected by the QCon Pro X after installation. After a quick reboot of the controller, the QCon Pro X will automatically detect the panel and load into the respective DAW mode.

So, if you're using the the QCOn Pro X with Pro Tools for example, your QCon Pro X will now automatically load into Pro Tools mode each time you switch it on, complete with a set of clearly labelled shortcut identifiers for controlling your Pro Tools session.

Icon APPs are available for the following DAWs;

  • Ableton Live
  • Bitwig
  • Cubase/Nuendo
  • Logic Pro X
  • ProTools
  • Reaper
  • Reason
  • Samplitude
  • StudioOne

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Coming Soon: Icon OneHub

The Icon OneHub is a powered USB hub that allows you to connect all of your Icon DAW Controllers to a single power supply. Up to four Icon Pro Audio devices can be powered from a single mains plug, as well as interfacing with your Mac or PC via a single USB 3.0 cable, freeing up both USB ports and mains power sockets in your studio.

The 4 x power outputs allow you to connect all of your Icon DAW Controllers and Expanders to the OneHub, such as the Icon QCon Pro X and QCon Pro XS, or the Icon Platform M+ and Platform X+. The OneHub also features 4 x USB connections (for your devices) along with a master USB connection, so you can connect all of your controllers to a single USB port on your Mac or PC.

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Download the latest firmware updates and iMap software

Find out more about Icon DAW Controllers

Icon Pro Audio Logo - Synthax Audio UKIf you'd like to know more about Icon's DAW Controllers, give us a call on 01727 821 870 to speak to one of our team.

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