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RME Babyface Pro audio interface review by The Sound Architect

19th October 2018 1:37 pm

RME Babyface Pro - The Sound Architect - Review - Synthax Audio UKGame audio and film sound website The Sound Architect reviews the RME Babyface Pro.
Read the full review here.

The Sound Architect is a UK-based website dedicated to everything game and film audio, featuring the latest news updates, reviews of audio software and hardware, plus regular interviews with a variety of professionals working in the industry, from sound designers and composers, to voiceover artists and singer-songwriters.

For their latest review, the Sound Architect reviewer Matthew Killford took the RME Babyface Pro for a spin, finding plenty to love about RME’s compact 24-channel desktop audio interface. “The Babyface Pro just works and works tremendously. I can’t stress this enough,” writes Matt, and adding that “It’s screaming out to those who just want their audio interface to simply work.”


“The Babyface Pro just works and works tremendously.
I can’t stress this enough.”


Matt was also impressed by the Babyface Pro’s ability to power both mic pre’s at 48v via USB. “Finally, one of the most impressive achievements with the Babyface Pro is that BOTH XLR inputs can be powered at the same time by 48v phantom power, with only the USB connection. Most interfaces need the external power supply to achieve this. Hats off to RME for that. A big plus.”

You can read Matt’s full review on the Sound Architect website, and get more of his thoughts with his video below.


Watch the Sound Architect review of the RME Babyface Pro


The RME Babyface Pro has received a variety of strong reviews from magazines and websites, including Sound On Sound, who describe the Babyface Pro as “another outstanding interface from RME, offering pretty much everything you’d want in a desktop audio and MIDI interface,” and MusicTech Magazine, writing that “sound-wise, there’s nothing to fault the interface. It’s crystal clear” and low in noise”.


RME Babyface ProRME Babyface Pro – Professional Desktop Audio Interface

The RME Babyface Pro is a 24-Channel, 192 kHz audio interface for Mac and PC. Bus-powerable over USB and featuring dedicated outputs for low and high impedance headphones, the Babyface Pro embodies the RME philosophy in a compact, mobile design – crystal-clear AD and DA conversion, unlimited routing with TotalMix FX, and rock-solid reliability.

Find out more about the RME Babyface Pro


 RME Babyface Pro - TotalMix FX - Synthax Audio UKTotalMix FX

All RME interfaces feature TotalMix FX, a comprehensive routing and mixing control software that essentially turns the Babyface Pro into a full-blown digital mixer, complete with a powerful 5-band parametric EQ on every channel, plus Reverb and Delay sends.

TotalMix provides further functionality such as grouping faders for level control, soloing and muting channels, and the ability to route audio channels to one another with zero latency. In this way, different monitor mixes can be easily created for vocalists and musicians, and removing the need for any external effects during monitoring.

Find out more about TotalMix FX with our Video Tutorials


RME TotalMix Remote - Synthax Audio UKTotalMix Remote

New to 2018, TotalMix Remote allows for the control of RME audio interfaces over a WiFi network. Whether you’re looking to control your interface wirelessly from another computer, or a Windows or iOS tablet; provide musicians with the control over their own individual monitor mixes; or simply need a separate display for metering all inputs, outputs and software playback channels, TotalMix Remote opens up a world of new possibilites.

What’s more, this new network capability can be used with any RME audio interface or soundcard that’s compatible with TotalMix FX, including devices dating all the way back to 2001!

TotalMix Remote is available as a free download to all RME interface owners, with support for Windows and Mac OS computers, and Windows and iOS tablets.

To try out TotalMix Remote for yourself, visit the Downloads section of the RME website


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