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Calrec Type R – Remote Production With Calrec’s Modular Broadcast Mixing Console

14th July 2020 5:30 pm

An introduction to remote broadcast production with the Calrec Type R

The Calrec Type R is a modular, expandable mixing console that can be controlled entirely remotely over IP. And with televised events around the country now beginning to start up again (and with a new set of social distancing guidelines to abide by), the Type R is perfect as a remote broadcast audio solution, allowing operators to mix and monitor from a different location to the main production.

In this video shot at Synthax HQ, Simon Roome (Broadcast Sales Manager) takes us through the components of a basic Type R system, and provides examples of how a typical production may look to take advantage of the Type R’s IP-based remote capabilities.

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An introduction to Remote Broadcast Production with Calrec Type R

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We are currently offering 1-2-1 demos on the Calrec Type R and Calrec Brio consoles, so if you’re interested in learning more about what the Type R has to offer, click the button below to book a demo with Simon.

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Calrec Type R – Modular IP-based Broadcast Audio Console

The Calrec Type R is made up of four main components – 6-channel motorized fader panels, large and small touch-screen control panels, and the Core I/O, which provides analogue and digital connectivity along with connections to the surface elements, AoIP connectivity and GPIOs.

Any number or combination of Fader Panels, Large Soft Panels and Small TFT panels (together with Calrec Assist) can be supplied together, to create a custom, expandable console surface that perfectly suits the user’s requirements.

The system can also be fully controlled over IP, making it possible for operators to mix and monitor from a different location to the main production. The Type R is also fully redundant, with an option for automatic and seamless switchover to an additional Core whenever a loss of signal is detected.


Calrec Assist - ScreenshotCalrec Assist

The Calrec Type R can also be controlled via a web UI called Calrec Assist, a browser-based interface that creates a fully-featured virtual console environment to compliment the hardware, with automation and interactive real-time control.

Different levels of access can be granted to individual users – an operator can be provided with a basic set of control functions, whilst an engineer can have further access for fine-tuning or making alterations to the UI.


Calrec Type R R120 upgrade - Synthax Audio UKCalrec Type R DSP Upgrades

The Type R can also be upgraded with one of three DSP upgrade options – adding an additional 40, 80 or 120 full-featured channels, and offers the ability to operate up to three mix environments from a single Core.

With the largest Type R120 DSP upgrade installed, a single 120 channel Type R mixer; two distinct mix environments (60 + 60 channels, or 80 + 40 channels); or three mix environments (40 + 40 + 40, or 60 + 30 + 30 channels), all on private networks with no sharing between facilities.

Find out more about the Calrec Type R

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If you’d like to know more about the Calrec Brio, Type R or Hydra2 network, or would like to arrange a practical demonstration, give us a call on
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