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RME ARC USB Tutorial – Pt 6 – Stand-Alone Operation for UFX II and UFX+

15th January 2021 5:31 pm

In Part 6 of our RME ARC USB video series, we look at controlling the RME Fireface UFX+ and UFX II for standalone recording with DURec.

The ARC USB is RME’s desktop controller for TotalMix FX, the powerful routing and mixing control software included free with all RME audio interfaces and soundcards.

Compatible with all RME interfaces and soundcards that include TotalMix as a feature, the ARC USB helps to simplify and streamline workflows in the studio, and makes for a powerful addition to any RME-based recording and playback setup.

In the sixth part of this series, we look at using the ARC USB for standalone operation with the Fireface UFX+ and UFX II audio interfaces.

(Note: This video is part of a series. To watch all of our RME ARC tutorials, see the full playlist on YouTube.)

RME ARC USB – Simplifying Your Workflow: Stand Alone Operation for UFX II and UFX+

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RME ARC USB - Front Panel - Monitor Controller - Synthax Audio UKMonitor Control with the RME ARC USB

Available as an optional extra, the ARC USB is compatible with all recent RME audio interfaces and soundcards. This includes devices dating all the way back to 2001!

Both the flagship RME Fireface UFX+ and Fireface UFX II interfaces feature dedicated USB connections for the ARC USB (found on the back panel), allowing for extensive control over both interfaces in standalone mode – a topic we’ll be covering in more detail at a later date.

Providing quick access to all of the most used functions in TotalMix FX, with the ARC USB you can control mixer functions including;

  • Volume levels (main and monitor mixes)
  • Mic/Instrument gains
  • Switch between speakers A/B
  • Switch between Mono and Stereo
  • Solo, Mute or switch all of all of your inputs On/Off simultaneously
  • Toggle FX bypassing (EQ, Dynamics, Reverb & Delay)
  • Load Preset Mixer states
  • And more!


RME Fireface UFX+ & ARC USB - Synthax Audio UKStandalone Operation – RME Fireface UFX+ & Fireface UFX II

The ARC USB can connect directly to the Fireface UFX II and Fireface UFX+, via dedicated USB ports found on the back of each device.

Alternatively, the ARC USB can connect directly to a Mac or PC via a standard USB port, allowing for control over any other RME audio interface or soundcard.

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