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Gearslutz changes name to ‘Gearspace’ – Pro Audio forum rebrands with more inclusive name

9th April 2021 11:26 am

Gearspace Forum - Synthax Audio UKThe new name is intended to make the discussion boards a more welcoming place for people of all backgrounds.

The popular pro audio forum Gearslutz has announced that will be changing its name to Gearspace, with the intention of making its website and social media channels a more welcoming and inclusive place for people of all backgrounds.

The decision reflects the changing role the website has had since its launch in 2002, having grown into one of the most popular sites in the pro audio industry and become a valuable online resource for audio professionals, educators and music production hobbyists alike.

The original name has long been a point of concern for some however (a recent petition on change.org was signed by nearly 5000 people requesting the site change its name), with many in the industry finding it rather uncomfortable, not to mention potentially off-putting to new community members and other organisations. As such, Gearspace has been chosen as a more appropriate and professional brand name for 2021 and beyond.



“After nearly two decades, it feels great to move forward with a more progressive and inclusive name,” says founder Jules Standen. “We’re certain our new name, Gearspace, will stand the test of time and provide a more all-encompassing platform for the pro audio industry. The change will affect the forum’s name, logo, and URL. Gearspace will continue to offer the same audio-focused content and will strive to be the best online community possible for people of all genders and cultures.”

Gearspace Logo - Synthax Audio UK“This change has been in the works for many months,” adds Standen. “We are all excited about this next chapter. Come see our updated look at www.gearspace.com.”

The forums have long been popular with recording engineers as a place for discussing all things pro audio, with boards dedicated to topics likes studio design and acoustics; recording software and computer hardware; mixing consoles and studio gear; instruments and song-writing; as well as other professional audio fields like location recording and post-production.

The Gearslutz.com domain is currently still active, with everything moving over to Gearspace.com in the coming weeks.