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Calrec Type R – An introduction to the Type R Soft Panel Designer software

21st June 2021 4:02 pm

Calrec Type R - LSPCreating custom layouts for the Calrec Type R console with Calrec’s Panel Designer software

The Calrec Type R is a modular IP-based audio console designed for use in radio, TV and outside broadcast (OB).

Comprised of four main components (fader panels, small and large touch-screen control panels, and a Core I/O), the Type R is a modern and highly flexible audio production environment – modular, scalable, and fully remote-controllable over IP.

Both the Small Soft Panel (SSP) and Large Soft Panel (LSP) are completely user-definable using Calrec’s Windows-based Soft Panel Designer software.

From a simple radio host controller – with features like countdown timers, talkback and cough buttons – to more complex setups, with multiple tabs for metering, routing, EQ and Dynamics control – the Soft Panel Designer allows engineers to design and create custom, touch-screen control setups to suit a wide variety of applications.

In this video, Synthax UK’s resident broadcast expert Simon Roome gives us an introduction to creating and editing custom layouts for use in TV and radio.

(To download the latest version of Calrec’s Type R Soft Panel Designer software, please contact us here.)


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If you’d like to know more about the Calrec Brio or Type-R,
give us a call on 01727 821 870, or contact us to book a demo.


Calrec Type R - Radio TechCon 2019 - 03 - Synthax Audio UKCalrec Type R – Soft Panel Designer Software

Calrec’s Soft Panel Designer is a Windows-based application that allows users to define the information and control features displayed on the Type R’s small and large touch-screen panels.

Designs – known as ‘layouts’ – are loaded into and stored in the Type R Core using Calrec’s Assist software, either locally via a connected computer or USB storage device, or even remotely over IP.


Calrec Type R Soft Panel Designer software at a glance;

• Free Windows-based software for Calrec Type R

• Create custom designs (layouts) for Type R’s small and large soft panels

• Layouts can be created offline and loaded remotely, either locally or via IP

• Layouts are loaded into / stored in the Type R Core via Calrec Assist

• Station or Company logos can be added for easy identification


The Calrec Type R Core comes pre-loaded with a number of templates offering a range of starting points (and which can themselves be modified), whilst new designs can also be created from scratch.

Layouts can be created offline and in advance; orientated in portrait or landscape (with the buttons left- or right-aligned); and can have multiple tabs within a single layout.

Each layout can feature a wide range of broadcast-friendly features, such as;

• Buttons and Faders for level and loudness control

• Controls for effects such as Equalisers and Dynamics

• Path Displays (for panning, information & routing)

• Metering (either horizontal or vertical)

• And other typical information displays such as Station clocks, Timers and On-Air indicators.

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Calrec Brio 36 - Duet & Medley Pricing - Synthax Audio UKNew Pricing for Calrec Brio Medley & Duet consoles

Underscoring its commitment to offering powerful market-leading consoles, Calrec has announced the launch of enhanced versions of its popular Brio console with the Brio Duet and Brio Medley packages, which offer greater channel counts and expanded connectivity as standard, and at an even more competitive price.

Dave Letson, VP of Sales, said, “We’re very proud of the way the Brio has been embraced by the market and that its versatility has been so widely recognised, but it’s so important to keep across market requirements. We’ve listened to our customers’ changing needs and our new Brio Duet and Brio Medley packages have increased capabilities at excellent value for money.”

“With Brio Duet we’ve upgraded the Brio’s base specification, and Brio 36 Duet becomes the baseline Brio console with an increased input channel count of 96 channels (up from 64) to deal with more surround and immersive mixing as well as standard or slim trims (where space is at a premium), and at a reduced price of £22,500. The Brio Medley package adds a Dante or MADI expansion card and a Br.IO I/O box with 24 mic/line inputs, 16 analogue outputs and 8 x AES I/Os at a reduced list price of £25,950.”

“Both packages provide better value for money to our customers, and a much broader appeal to people working in more specialist areas like smaller outside broadcast units and flypacks.”

For existing Brio customers, Calrec is offering an upgrade option to 96 channels on a 64 channel Brio.

Find out more about Calrec Brio Medley & Duet

Calrec Audio Logo - Synthax Audio UK

If you’d like to know more about the Calrec Brio 36 Duet & Medley, Type R or Hydra2 network, or would like to arrange a practical demonstration, give us a call on 01727 821 870 to speak to one of our team.

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