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Lauten Audio – ‘Capture’ Episode 1: Too $hort and Ekzakt interview

25th November 2021 4:33 pm

Rapper Too Short and engineer Ekzakt in the studio
Rapper Too Short and engineer Ekzakt in the studio

Lauten Audio chats to rapper Too $hort and his engineer Zach “Ekzakt” Perry about the link between artist and engineer

Lauten Audio Microphones have released episode one of a new video series titled ‘Capture’.

Focusing on the dynamic between the artist and the recording engineer, Capture aims to showcase the paths taken by studio engineers working with some of the most influential names in modern music.

The first episode features West Coast rapper Too $hort – who recently announced the formation of hip hop super group ‘Mount Westmore’ alongside Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and E-40 – and his sound engineer Zach Perry, aka “Ekzakt”.

Outlining his career so far, Ekzakt talks about his beginnings as a bedroom trap and hiphop producer, studying a degree in audio engineering in California, and recording with local Bay Area rappers such as Too $hort, who discusses what he looks for in an engineer, and how he knows when he’s found the right person for the job.

“As friends, advisors, producers, and more, a personal engineer’s role is far more meaningful than the title implies,” says a spokesperson for Lauten Audio. “These unsung heroes of music are the trusted conduit between artist and audience. Each episode of Capture explores the unique relationship between artist and engineer, and the incredible paths in life that brought them together.”

Too $hort is a pioneer of West Coast hip-hop and one of the few rappers to have collaborated with both The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac at the height of their careers.

Ekzakt has engineered Too $hort’s most recent albums; 2018’s The Pimp Tape and 2019 release The Vault. He has also worked with the likes of 6LACK, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and more.


Too Short and Zach “Ekzakt” Perry — Lauten Audio Presents “Capture” Episode 1

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