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Ferrofish firmware update: v1.05 adds delay to power off button

15th November 2022 1:28 pm

Ferrofish-A32pro-Pulse-16-new-firmware-downloadFirmware update v1.05 & v5.04 now available now available

Download the latest firmware here

Ferrofish has announced the release of the latest firmware updates for the A32pro (v1.05) and Pulse 16 series (v5.04) of AD/DA converters.

Along with a few minor bug fixes, v1.05 adds a delay to the power off button for the A32pro and A32pro Dante, with both devices now requiring a 3 second hold when powering off the device.

A much-requested feature from users, this update is especially useful for touring and broadcast engineers working with multiple units, ensuring the on/off state of each device remains unaltered during transit.

MIDI over MADI is also now supported for all sample frequencies, allowing MIDI control data to be sent over MADI cabling when recording at sample rates all the way up to 192 kHz.

Both firmware updates are available now from www.ferrofish.com/downloads.

Ferrofish A32pro Dante front and back panelFerrofish A32pro Series

The Ferrofish A32pro and A32pro Dante are professional 32-channel AD/DA converters occupying a single 1U of rack-space.

Designed for use in studio, live and broadcast audio applications, both models feature ADAT and MADI connectivity, with the Dante-version also providing networked audio transfer via Audinate’s popular Dante format.

Coaxial MADI SFP module for Ferrofish AD/DA convertersAnalogue I/O is provided on D-Sub connections (as well as TRS for the first 2-channels), with MADI I/O available on optical fibre, as well as via the optional coaxial SFP.

Dual headphone outputs provide direct monitoring of all incoming and outgoing signals, with redundant power supplies providing an extra level of fail-safe.

Extensive front panel metering provides level information for all analogue inputs and outputs at a glance, with full control of the device offered via the front panel’s touch-screens. Remote control is also possibly via USB, MADI and Dante using Ferrofish’s free RemoteFish app (Mac/Windows).

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Ferrofish Pulse 16 DX-CV Dante front and back panelFerrofish Pulse 16 Series

The Ferrofish Pulse 16 is a 16-channel AD/DA converter that provides additional analogue inputs and outputs when connected to an audio interface, sound card or mixing console.

The 16 analogue inputs and 16 analogue outputs (line-level) are provided on balanced TRS connections, with digital connectivity available via ADAT, MADI and Dante.

The Pulse 16 Series is available in the following three options:

  • Pulse 16 (ADAT-only)
  • Pulse 16 MX (ADAT / MADI)
  • Pulse 16 DX (ADAT / MADI / Dante)

As with the A32pro Series, the Pulse 16 Series features user-friendly front panel controls, and can also be remote-controlled via USB, MADI or Dante with the RemoteFish app (Mac/Window). Multiple units can also be connected and controlled at the same time, and are daisy-chainable via MADI.

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Ferrofish Pulse 16 DX Dante front and back panelFerrofish Pulse 16 CV Series

The Ferrofish Pulse 16 CV Series is a DC-coupled output version of the Ferrofish Pulse 16.

Designed for use with recording studio hardware that supports control voltages / gates (hence ‘CV’), the Pulse 16 CV is perfect for studios and musicians recording with modular synthesizers and other CV-compatible analogue hardware.

As with the standard Pulse 16, the Pulse 16 CV Series is available in three versions:

  • Pulse 16 CV (ADAT-only)
  • Pulse 16 MX CV (ADAT / MADI)
  • Pulse 16 DX CV (ADAT / MADI / Dante)

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