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Lake People appoints Synthax Audio as exclusive UK distributor

1st July 2024 1:03 pm

We’re pleased to announce that Synthax Audio UK has been appointed as UK Distributor for Lake People’s range of pro audio hardware.

Hemel Hempstead, UK – German pro audio manufacturer Lake People has appointed Synthax Audio UK as its official UK distributor.

Specialising in the design and manufacturing of high-quality headphone amplifiers, monitor controllers, microphone preamps, and signal converters, Lake People products are designed and built in the Lake Constance region of Southern Germany, of which the company takes its name.

Founded in 1986 by engineer Fried Reim, Lake People products cater to the professional recording studio, broadcast, and audiophile markets around the globe, and enjoy a stellar reputation for their outstanding sound and build quality.

(Left to Right) Fried Reim, Martin Warr and Christof Mallmann

(Left to Right) Fried Reim, Martin Warr and Christof Mallmann

Devices like the MC100 provide high-quality monitor switching and D/A conversion, whilst the G Series range of headphone amplifiers are perfect for engineers looking to get the very best out of their premium headphones when mixing and mastering.

“We’re thrilled to add Lake People to our distribution portfolio,” says Martin Warr, Managing Director of Synthax Audio UK. “Founder Fried Reim is highly respected in our industry for his knowledge and expertise in electronics, and Lake People are emblematic of that renowned German philosophy for exceptional engineering and build quality.

“We also have a long-established relationship with owner Christof Mallmann, and I’m pleased to welcome another German manufacturer to the family of brands we supply to the UK market.”

Lake People joins other renowned pro audio brands in Synthax UK’s offering such as RME, Ferrofish, Calrec, DirectOut, Dynaudio PRO monitors, Appsys ProAudio, Lauten Audio microphones and TIERRA Audio.

Christof Mallmann, Managing Director of Lake People, says: “I am very happy to work with the fantastic Synthax Audio UK team, and I am excited to see them further establish Lake People as the go-to brand for headphone amplification and monitoring in the UK market.“

Lake People founder and mastermind Fried Reim adds: “The UK has always been an important market for professional audio equipment, and I am glad to have a strong partner in Synthax Audio UK in this country of discerning audio professionals and legendary studio brands.”

To see the full range of professional audio devices available from Lake People, visit:


Hand pushing a button on a Lake People MC100 with headphones sat on top


Lake People is a pro audio manufacturer of high-performance headphone amplifiers, monitor controllers, microphone preamps and other signal conversion tools, designed for use in professional recording studios and broadcast audio applications.

Designed and built in the Lake Constance region of Southern Germany, Lake People devices are recognised for their sonic excellence and premium build quality, proudly displaying the acclaimed “Made in Germany” seal of quality.


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