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The most accurate & versatile
analogue compressor in just 1U.

  •  High-End Compressor, Limiter and Expander designed for professional mixing and mastering.
  •  5 Operation Modes: Stereo, Dual Mono, Mid/Side, Serial Mono and Parallel Mono.
  •  Internal and External Stereo Sidechaining with LP / BP / HP Filters.
  •  Front Panel and Software Remote Control (AU/AAX/VST3).
  •  Smart Ambience Technology for recalling all internal components to their precise temperature from previous recording sessions.
  •  Remote Control over the Internet with auto device discovering and routing.
  •  USB, Ethernet, WiFi and BT connectivity.
  •  Open Source Tierra Audio Community API.
  •  Full analogue audio path with premium electronics manufactured in Madrid, Spain.
  •  7 Year Warranty.
  •  1 Tree Planted for every device sold via the Tierra Green Project.



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The weight of analogue with digital precision.


A note from Tierra Audio's founders Javier and Esther...

At TIERRA Audio we LOVE analogue sound.

When we released the first analogue prototype of the Gravity VCA Bus Compressor in 2018, and the final version in 2020, the feedback from studios around the world confirmed to us that all our hard work had paid off: the Gravity delivered a powerful, musical and versatile stereo compression.

Since then, our love for analogue has expanded into an obsession over what digital technologies could offer. To take the sound and signal processing of the best analogue components, and combine them with digital control and programming got us excited about what the Gravity could become.

And we are blown away at the results.

The Gravity Mix & Master now brings the celebrated sound of our Gravity VCA Bus Compressor to the mixers and also to the world of Mastering, where accuracy and consistency are non-negotiable.

It offers new state-of-the-art tools along with significant innovations that we believe will change the mixing and mastering game as we know it, driven by the highest quality sound lovers who know what analogue electronics are capable of and who need truly efficient workflows in their daily studio and live work.

Esther Gutiérrez & Javier Pascual
TIERRA Audio Founders


The Gravity Mix & Master delivers THAT big sound with the best analogue components matched with revolutionary digital innovation.

Tierra Audio's in-house engineers have spent countless hours learning about what really matters, finding many multiple ways to improve the workflow of a modern recording, mixing and mastering studio.

More than 5 years of slow cooking.


In 2017, Co-Founders Esther Gutiérrez & Javier Pascual took their first steps on the path of 'pro audio hybridization', with the goal of efficiently merging the analogue and digital worlds.

More than 5 years later, Tierra Audio are proud to say they've reached their goal of providing music producers and recording engineers with the first of many hybrid tools, designed to act as an inseparable ally for high-end studio production.

Whilst Tierra Audio was founded on a love for the irreplaceable sound of discrete electronics - having previously stuck to a philosophy of '100% analogue' - the opportunities offered by modern digital algorithms and communications for professional recording studio workflows was simply too exciting to ignore.

Now with the Gravity Mix & Master, Tierra Audio combines the strengths of both worlds for the first time in its history - squeezing each of them to the extreme! - and guided by two basic pillars: quality and flexibility.

Future-proof electronics.


After dozens of prototypes, the A+D (analogue+Digital) electronics were designed and tested more than 100 times(!) using the best components on the market, until Tierra were certain they had incorporated the most suitable technology and creative solutions, even where others had tried different solutions before.

The result is a fully analogue audio path that meets the exquisite quality standards of the most premium segment of the market - together with a powerful and efficient digital architecture, which opens a new window for collaboration between manufacturer and end users, allowing both parties to incorporate new ideas and solutions thanks to Tierra's open source TA Community API and private feedback channels.


Tons of added utility all in a 1U chassis.



  • 5 Operation Modes: Stereo, Dual Mono, Mid/Side, Serial Mono and Parallel Mono.
  • Parameter Linking (Absolute and Relative).
  • Stereo Side-Chain (Internal and External).
  • Full analogue audio path with premium electronics manufactured in Madrid.
  • Ultra-quiet modern power supply fully developed by TIERRA Audio.
  • THD+N < 0.004% (1 kHz, 0 dBu) per channel.


  • Advanced full-spectre Side-Chain with variable HPF + LPF and Notch.
  • Extended Ratios: 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 8:1, 10:1 and 15:1.
  • Integrated Limiter function (> 20:1).
  • Integrated Expander function through negative ratios.
  • Knee shaper for ratios with Soft, Medium and Hard options.
  • Extended Threshold & MakeUp (+/- 20 dB) with TA Multi-Resolution technology.
  • Extended Attack architecture with 8 steps from 0.1ms to 70ms*.
  • Extended Release architecture with 8 steps from 20ms to 1.3s*, and AUTO.
  • Blend function (0% - 100%) for parallel compression with TA Multi-Resolution technology.
  • Bypass and Mute master functions.
  • Independent Bypass function for Threshold, Make Up and Blend.
  • Digital VU meters for In/Out/GR/SC with different style meters and Peak Modes.
  • Automatic Gain Reduction Assistant.

(*) Attack and Release times vary depending on the Ratio and configuration between them.


  • Front panel with digital knobs & LCD Display.
  • USB, Ethernet, WiFi and BT connectivity.
  • Military grade encrypted communications.
  • Free AU, AAX and VST3 Plugins for your favorite DAW, and free Web Plugin for Mobile.
  • Remote Control over Internet with auto device discovering and routing.
  • Open Source TA Community API.


  • Fully configurable A/B/C Fast Presets for Stereo, Dual Mono and Mid/Side modes.
  • TA Factory Presets with genres & styles, instruments and famous producers technics.
  • User Custom Presets for personal workflow improvement.
  • Shareable TA Community Presets.
  • TA Stage Templates for live automation.


  • TA Smart Ambience technology for improved sound accuracy recalling sessions (heater and cooler) with dedicated Temperature sensor per audio channel (Left/Mid and Right/Side).
  • TA Pulse technology for frequencies and compression diagnosis in each session, warranty services automation, anti-thief, and continuous measurement of supply voltages to activate and protect the audio path.
  • Additional Temperature, Humidity and Pressure IoT sensors for outdoor protection.
  • Auto-brightness for LEDs and LCD Display.
  • FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) updates.
  • Integration with the RESON token ecosystem.

Smart workflows. Obsession for precision.


From day one, Tierra Audio tried to place themselves in the shoes of the music producer, mix engineer or mastering engineer with the Gravity Mix & Master.

Consulting with professionals from Madrid's recording studios (and beyond), the team sought to understand exactly what producers and engineers require for a modern hybrid workflow, with a sense that there was still plenty of room for improvement.

As TIERRA Audio's Co-Founder Javier Pascual says, "It's only once you've mastered the technology that you truly understand how to apply it, in a way that is genuinely useful to the end user and - most importantly - encourages and facilitates their goals!"

Tierra Audio's Presets and Stage Templates introduce an innovative approach to automation, designed to significantly enhance your daily workflow, and promising substantial time and effort savings for users of the TA Gravity M&M.

Following the principles of open configuration formats and communication standards, Tierra Audio's open-source TA Community API is designed to help demistify a range of historically complex functions used in the Pro Audio sector, allowing users to customise control of the Gravity to their own needs, and encouraging users to share their presets and modifications with others online.

At the same time, Tierra Audio have developed and implemented a number of their own technologies into the Gravity Mix & Master, ensuring the impeccable demands and precision of Mastering Engineers are met right out of the box:

TA Multi-Resolution allows you to choose in real time, and with a single touch, the step size for the most important parameters, from as little as 0.2 dB for Threshold/MakeUp, and from 1% for Blend when mixing and mastering (to much larger steps perfect for live performances).

TA Smart Ambience for automatically calibrating the device, so that the elementary electronic components (resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes and VCAs) always work under stable and homogeneous physical conditions between different sessions, always synchronized with your DAW.

TA Pulse continuously and transparently monitors that the device's sonic, electronics and electrical performance remains as optimal as if it had just left the factory and, in the event of any deviation, automatically initiates a pro-active warranty claim process that anticipates a potential future incident, reducing studio downtime to zero due to technical problems.



Audio Professionals on Tierra Audio.



Grammy Award Producer and Mixer

"I've had a chance to play with the Gravity VCA on a mix I'm doing right now.

"It's AMAZING !!!!

"I'm extremely impressed with how it sounds, a bit like my vintage dbx162 but - and I can't believe I'm saying this because I love the old dbxs - it's actually better!"



Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering.

"I was first intrigued by TIERRA’s unique and eco-friendly design.

"Then I got my hands on the product and found out it’s not only beautiful on the outside but inside too!

"Amazingly intuitive, transparent and bold sound."



Musician / Producer / Engineer / Mixing / Mastering

"I am excited about what TIERRA Audio is doing, offering access to pure analogue that is eco-friendly, beautiful and sounds magnificent!"



Grammy nominated Producer / Musician / Songwriter

"Hey, Neve! There are some new guys in town and their products sound amazing. I’ve already tried them!"



Multi-Platinum Grammy nominated Producer / Songwriter

"As soon as I placed the Pre and Compressor onto a vocal track I was working on I was really blown away! It brought everything to life!"



Multi Latin Grammy Award Producer.

"I love the sound that I get out of TIERRA's equipment just by pluging them in. They look beautiful too, and they plant a tree for every device they sell.

How awesome is that?!"

Taking care of your sound and the planet.


All TIERRA Audio creations must comply with two basic rules:

✓ They must do what they promise.

✓ They must do so as respectfully as possible to the environment and to the people who make them.

hands cupping a plant in soil

The Gravity Mix & Master is fully designed and manufactured in Madrid, promoting the use of 100% sustainable materials of the highest quality such as stainless steel or aluminum, and wood from sustainable forests.

The use of polluting chemicals is minimized by laser engraving all units, and with recyclable packaging that is 100% free from plastic.

In addition, more than 85% of TA's electronics suppliers and collaborating craftsmen are located in Spain, all of whom are chosen due to upholding the same values of quality and sustainability, helping to keep the ecological footprint of each TIERRA Audio product as small as possible.

Of course, the Gravity Mix & Master is still designed to be incredibly robust to accompany you through many years of music production.

That's why the Gravity Mix & Master comes with a 7-years extended warranty1.

And, as always, TIERRA Audio plants trees thanks to you, with one tree planted for every Gravity Mix & Master sold! For more information, see the TIERRA Green project.

1Manufacturer's Warranty does not cover accidental damage.

For full Warranty Terms and Conditions, see the Safety, Warranty and Technical Support Instructions.


Information and Contact


Want to know more about the Tierra Audio Gravity Mix & Master?

Give us a call on 01727 821 870 to discuss a demo in your studio, or contact us here.

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