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Legendary drummer James Gadson chooses the Lauten Audio Series Black Microphones

12th April 2017 4:23 pm

James Gadson - Lauten Audio Series Black Microphones - Stick PointIconic drummer, producer and songwriter James Gadson & Lauten Audio’s founder Brian Loudenslager discuss the new Series Black Microphones.

James Gadson is a drummer, producer and songwriter whose career spans roughly 50 years. Along with performing in bands including Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band (known for their hit song “Express Yourself”), he’s also one of the most prolific session players in the history of music. Modern Drummer magazine described him as “one of the most recorded drummers in R&B history”, and Rolling Stone ranked him #32 on their list of 100 Great Drummers of All Time.

Needless to say, even if you haven’t heard of Gadson before, you’ve undoubtedly heard the sound of his playing – James has recorded and/or performed alongside artists including Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson Five, Diana Ross, Gloria Gaynor, James Brown, Ray Charles, George Duke, Aretha Franklin, Herbie Hancock and many, many more, as well as recently working with Justin Timberlake and Beck.

With such a rich recording history, James knows a thing or two about recording and producing music at the highest level. That’s why we were especially pleased to hear the news that he recently acquired a full set of Lauten Audio Series Black microphones. Speaking about his choice of mic, James explains “I am very excited about the Series Black microphones. They are not that expensive, but they are so great. The tracks that I have recorded came out so beautiful that I was elated! They are great microphones.”


“The tracks that I have recorded came out so beautiful that I was elated!
They are great microphones.”
James Gadson


Lauten Audio LA-120 - 02 - Synthax Audio UKGadson continues “I called my friend and engineer Darryl Thorp, who’s a seven-time Grammy winner that I’ve worked with on a lot of different projects, and asked him about what he said in a magazine interview I had read where he mentioned the Lauten Audio Series Black microphones, and Darryl said, ‘These are the real deal.’”

“So I bought the LA-120 pencil mics to use as overheads on my drums. The mics are so true! The playback sounded just like my cymbals, I had never heard of pencil mics that sounded this good. When I record cymbal crashes now they sound just like I want them to sound. They sound magnificent, they sound so natural. I use the mics flat, I didn’t have to put any EQ on them. Wow, I’m happy! And the mics look great, like a model stepping out of a magazine! (laughs). And they come in a beautiful box, they are very stylish, classy looking mics.”



“These are the real deal”
Darryl Thorp, Producer & 7-time Grammy winner


“After that I got the LA-220 condenser mic and used it as a vocal mic, and the vocal came out just wonderful! It’s so warm. The track sounded just like I was singing it. The 220s are also great on the Toms,” added Gadson. “Then I got the LA-320 tube mic, and that sounded great as a room mic. I plan to try it on vocals too.”

Lauten’s founder Brian Loudenslager was of course thrilled to hear such a legendary figure is now a fan of the Series Black mics. “Gadson’s comments on the ‘Series Black’ microphone line are spot-on with what I’ve heard from countless owners,” says Brian. “I hope it’s reassuring to current and future owners of our Series Black mics that a legend in the business is highly satisfied regardless of their price-point.”

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It was late Friday evening on December 30th and Loudenslager had just finished dinner, enjoying the holidays, having stepped away from the daily routine of running his company, Lauten Audio. “I have a distinct memory of the conversation as I accidently answered my cell, which I rarely do if I don’t recognize the number. Upon answering I didn’t catch the person’s name, but the caller was asking about the Series Black microphones and that someone had recommended them to him. Not in the working frame of mind I informed him that we don’t do any direct sales and recommended a few dealers in the L.A. area he should go to.”

Lauten Audio LA-220 & LA-320 Microphones - Synthax Audio UK

The LA-220 (left) and the LA-320 (right)


“It wasn’t until January 3rd while catching up on email that I saw and was reminded of an email from engineer Darrell Thorp informing me he had spoken to the one and only James Gadson and was sending him my way. I texted Darrell and told him “Kinda flubbed it with your buddy James Gadson…” After realizing my mistake I contacted Gadson and he informed me that he had gone to a local dealer and ordered the mics. As a former drummer myself, and knowing the plethora of records Gadson recorded on, it was one of those moments of total honor,” concludes Loudenslager.


“You simply can’t get a greater validation of a product line
than having someone like James Gadson not only wanting to try them,
but taking it upon himself to go to a local dealer and order them”
Brian Loudenslager, Founder of Lauten Audio


James Gadson - Lauten Audio Series Black Microphones - Action


“You simply can’t get a greater validation of a product line than having someone like James Gadson not only wanting to try them, but taking it upon himself to go to a local dealer and order them,” quips Loudenslager. “Though the younger generation today may not know the name James Gadson, I can guarantee every single producer, engineer or musician has heard Gadson on drums.”

“Many of the beats and rhythms we hear today in modern hip-hop, R&B, and pop are the result of his writing and his original beats, sampled for other modern music mixes. Just check out a few classic selections like “Dancing Machine” by The Jackson Five, “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye, and more recently Beck’s “Morning Phase,” Gadson has this magical and signature touch that comes through.”


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