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Video Review: Pop Audio Pop Filter Reviewed By Riffs, Beards & Gear

1st September 2017 4:21 pm

Since its release in 2016, the Pop Audio Pop Filter has quickly become a highly regarded tool among the musicians, engineers, vloggers and voiceover artists who've added one to their recording arsenal.

Reviews from both magazines and customers have been highly positive, with Audio Media International stating “Quite frankly I don’t think there is any other pop filter worth considering. This is the one you should buy”, and MusicTech giving it top marks with a full 10 out 10.

And now we’re proud to add another great review to the list, with the latest one coming to us from Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce, who regularly checks out the latest pro audio gear for his Youtube channel Riffs, Beards & Gear.

The Pop Audio Pop Filter is available in two versions, the Studio and Classic, and features an incredibly strong clamp for easy and reliable attachment to your microphone stand, along with a gorilla-pod style arm that’s both flexible and durable. Speaking about the clamp in his review, Fluff says “Pop Audio has changed a few things, namely the clamp! This clamp is so simple and so effective, it clamps onto any circular surface and it doesn’t damage it. And inherently because of its width, it won’t pry itself off by its own weight – I love that!”

Watch the Riffs, Beards & Gear Review of the Pop Audio Pop Filter

We were also pleased to see that Fluff recognised that the Pop Audio Pop Filter is designed to be a professional tool that can withstand the rigours of daily studio use.“It may seem expensive to you home audio guys, but you actual legit day in and day out studio guys know that that is an investment worth making if something is going to work as well as this Pop Audio Pop Filter does. This is super-awesome!”

Check out Fluff's entertaining review above, which includes examples of recordings of the vocalist from rock band “Phantom Racers”, whose latest record is being engineered by Fluff.


Pop Audio Studio & Classic Editions - Synthax Audio UK

The Pop Audio Pop Filter comes in two versions, the Pop Audio Studio Edition (left) and the Pop Audio Classic Edition (right).


Pop Audio Pop Filter – Studio & Classic Editions

Despite being such a simple part of the recording chain, many manufacturers continue to produce cheap, poor quality pop filters that are prone to breaking, or worse still, don’t even really prevent pops and ‘plosives all that well in the first place.

It was for this reason that John and Jonathon, two professional sound engineers from Cambridge, UK, took it upon themselves to design their own pop shield – one that solves the issues they’d observed with the regular design, such as weak arms and easily-broken clamps. Their redesign stays exactly where you’ve put it after you’ve set up, so you can concentrate on getting that perfect vocal take. You also have three types of detachable, easily cleaned filters, which can be replaced if damaged, saving you from having to buy the whole pop filter set all over again.


Find out more about the Pop Audio Studio Edition

Find out more about the Pop Audio Classic Edition


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