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New Controllers For Your DAW: Icon QCon Pro G2 and QCon EX G2 Now Available

8th October 2018 2:51 pm

Icon Platform B+ - Now Available - Synthax Audio UKIcon QCon Pro G2, Icon QCon EX G2 and Icon OneHub Now Available

Having just announced the release of the Icon Platform B+ Button Expander, we’re pleased to report that the Icon QCon Pro G2 and QCon EX G2 are also now available to buy in the UK, two brand new control surfaces with motorised faders from Icon Pro Audio.

There’s nothing like the feel of recording and mixing with real faders and encoders – being able to ride the volume on a vocal, apply EQ boosts and cuts with physical controls, quickly muting and soloing multiple instruments, or automating delay sends on the fly – all of these things never quite feel the same (or as easy) when just using a mouse. Add physical transport controls and a jog wheel into the mix, and you’ll find a control surface brings a whole new dimension to your workflow when you’re recording, mixing and editing your music.

To get the best of both worlds, most modern studios look to combine both hardware and software. Icon’s DAW controllers help to bridge that gap, bringing tactile, hands-on control to your music production setup, whilst allowing you to benefit from all the positives of mixing in-the-box.


Icon Qcon Pro G2 - Angle - Synthax Audio UKIcon QCon Pro G2 – Cross-Platform DAW Controller for tracking and mixing

The Icon QCon Pro G2 is the update to the silver Icon QCon Pro, Icon’s original cost-effective, cross-platform DAW controller. Housed in the same slick black finish as its larger sibling, the Icon QCon Pro X, the new Icon QCon Pro G2 also features the same touch-sensitive, motorised channel faders, with 10-Bit resolution and 100mm in length, allowing for small and accurate adjustments when you’re recording.

Other features include comprehensive transport controls and an improved jog wheel; 78 assignable buttons (when used in user define mode); and support for more DAWs and music production software than ever before (via the Mackie Control Protocol and Mackie HUI), with additional shortcut overlays for FL Studio, Digital Performer and Adobe Audition (along with many others like Cubase/Nuendo, Logic Pro, Reaper, Studio One, Reason, ProTools and Ableton Live).

Find out more about the Icon QCon Pro G2


 Icon Qcon EX G2 - Angle - Synthax Audio UK

Icon QCon EX G2 – 8-Channel Fader Banks for expanding the QCon Pro G2
(up to 32 channels)

Alongside the new QCon Pro G2, Icon have also released the QCon EX G2 fader extenders. These banks of 8 faders allow you to expand your QCon Pro G2 setup when you need more channels, adding sets of 8 additional 100mm, motorised 10-Bit faders, plus illuminated buttons for mute, solo, record arm and channel select, a dual-function rotary encoder on every channel (set to pan by default), and a 12-segment LED level metering bridge.

Find out more about the Icon QCon EX G2



NAMM 2018 - Icon OneHub - Synthax Audio UKIcon OneHub

The Icon OneHub is a powered USB hub that allows you to connect all of your Icon DAW Controllers to a single power supply. Up to four Icon Pro Audio devices can be powered from a single mains plug, as well as interfacing with your Mac or PC via a single USB 3.0 cable, freeing up both USB ports and mains power sockets in your studio.

The 4 x power outputs allow you to connect all of your Icon DAW Controllers and Expanders to the OneHub, such as the Icon QCon Pro X and QCon Pro XS, Icon QCon Pro G2 and EX G2, or the Icon Platform M+ and Platform X+. The OneHub also features 4 x USB connections (for your devices) along with a master USB connection, so you can connect all of your controllers to a single USB port on your Mac or PC.

Find out more about the Icon OneHub


Icon Pro Audio Logo - Synthax Audio UKIf you’d like to know more about Icon’s DAW Controllers, give us a call on 01727 821 870 to speak to one of our team.

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