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Sound On Sound reviews the Lauten LS-208 & LS-308 Microphones

7th July 2020 11:31 am

Sound On Sound tests out the Lauten Audio Synergy Series Microphones (LS-208 & LS-308)

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Lauten Audio’s LS-208 and LS-308 are the American manufacturer’s professional, mid-priced microphones that specialise on providing isolation during recording.

Sitting in the middle of Lauten’s range, the Synergy Series offer something different to the boutique sounds of the premium Signature Series, acting as flexible workhorses for professional studio, live or location sound recording applications.

Like the entry-level Series Black range, the LS-208 and LS-308 are extremely flexible in their recording capabilities, whilst also double-up as all-round utility microphones – both mics are capable of capturing at extremely high dynamic range, whilst simultaneously offering an incredibly strong level of rejection against ambient noise.

This ability to keep instruments and vocals isolated from other sources makes the Synergy Series ideal for recording in spaces where multiple musicians are performing, for example when capturing a live show, or in the studio when isolation is required (recording a drum kit immediately springs to mind!).

Check out the Sound On Sound review to see what they think of Lauten’s Synergy Series.


Lauten Audio - LS-208 Microphone with accessories - Synthax Audio UKLauten Audio LS-208

For the LS-208, SOS reviewer Neil Rogers writes “The first time I used the LS‑208 was in front of an extremely loud bass cab, and the results were very impressive indeed. A full, smooth bass sound was captured, and it felt like the mic was handling all the bottom end with ease.”

“The first time I used the LS‑208 was in front of an extremely loud bass cab,
and the results were very impressive indeed.”

He also notes the LS-208’s potential for use in location sound recording, writing that “you would be very glad you had packed an LS‑208 if you were doing any kind of live or location recording, and it won’t gather much dust in the studio either.”

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Lauten Audio Synergy LS-308 - Box & Accessories - Synthax Audio UKLauten Audio LS-308

For the LS-308, Neil concludes that the mic’s powerful 270˚ rejection makes for a very useful addition to any mic cabinet, with the 308’s isolation making it a real problem-solver in the studio. “The results were very impressive from a rejection point of view, especially on the bass amp, where the 308 was only a few feet from the drums,” says Neil. “It really does do what it says on the tin!”

“It really does do what it says on the tin!”

In conclusion, Neil writes that “both [are] very useful and really quite original, which is no mean feat these days. The LS‑208 is one of the more flexible mics I’ve come across… A microphone that combines very good off-axis rejection with clarity even on loud sources is a useful tool indeed.”

“If you work in heavy, loud genres and have to mic quite ‘busy’ drum kits, the LS‑308 could prove very handy indeed. Both mics are sturdy, come as well-thought–out packages and offer lots of potential uses both in the studio and on the stage.”

Big thanks to Sound On Sound for the great review!

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