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Ferrofish Pulse 16 CV (control voltage): AD/DA Converters with DC-Coupled Outputs

11th December 2020 11:38 am

The Pulse 16 range from Ferrofish now includes three versions with DC-coupled outputs, capable of sending control voltages to modular synthesisers and other external hardware.

Ferrofish’s Pulse 16 range offers a cost-effective way to add high-quality analogue I/O to studio and live audio setups. With 16 balanced TRS inputs and outputs plus options for ADAT, MADI and Dante connectivity, the Pulse 16s present a powerful and flexible expansion option for musicians and producers working with keyboards, drum machines and synthesizers, as well as acting as front-end for mixing consoles and other studio outboard.

Now, Ferrofish have announced three new additions to the Pulse 16 lineup, all featuring DC-coupled outputs. The Pulse 16 CV range allow control voltages (CV) to be sent from all 16 analogue outputs to external hardware such as analogue drum machines and modular synthesizers, including the popular Eurorack and 5U formats.


Ferrofish Pulse 16 CV Series Overview: 16 Channel AD/DA with DC-Coupled Outputs

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Pulse 16 CV with Modular - Synthax Audio UKPulse 16 CV – Modular Control

Most audio interfaces and converters use AC-coupling and also filter anything on the frequency spectrum that can’t be heard. This is generally achieved with a high-pass filter to remove low frequencies.

Control voltages are sent using DC voltages, which are removed by the filtering process on AC-coupled interfaces. This means that most audio interfaces cannot send CV to modular synthesiser systems like Eurorack or Moog.

The Pulse 16 CV range features 16 analogue outputs which are all DC-coupled, which makes it a perfect solution for adding modular control to an existing recording setup.

The new CV range can be used for controlling common modular synth parameters such as oscillators, filters, envelopes and LFOs when paired with an ADAT, MADI or Dante-ready audio interface. DAW’s such as Bitwig, Ableton Live or Reason and software packages like Native Instrument’s Reaktor and Cycling 74’s Max/MSP can output CV, allowing for control of modular synthesisers from a Mac or PC.

The Pulse 16 CV series covers the three main models of the original Pulse 16 range From the base model Pulse 16, the Pulse 16 MX with MADI and the Pulse 16 DX with Dante, there is an option to suit any existing setup.


Pulse 16 CV with Modular - Synthax Audio UKExtensive I/O Options

Like the three original Pulse 16 models, the CV versions are packed with I/O options.

Along with 16 analogue inputs and outputs, the base model Pulse 16 CV features MIDI in and out for remote control and BNC connections for Clock synchronisation. 4 ADAT input and 4 ADAT output ports offer full playback and recording of all 16 channels at up to 96kHz via S/MUX.

The Pulse 16 MX CV builds on the I/O available on the base model, adding an optical MADI SFP module. This additional I/O makes the Pulse 16 MX a great choice for higher channel count setups. 192 kHz recording of all 16 channels is also possible via S/MUX.

Finally, the flagship Pulse 16 DX CV takes all of the options on the MX and adds Dante networking capability. 64 channels of audio can be sent in each direction via Audinate’s audio networking format.

For a full overview of the Pulse 16, watch our video here.


Ferrofish RemoteFish Software - Synthax Audio UKRemoteFish – Remote Control Software for Mac & Windows

Remote control of the Pulse 16 is available through the free-to-download RemoteFish software application. Everything from gain control and routing to saving and recalling presets is possible using RemoteFish. The software can control multiple units at once which is incredibly useful for applications involving a large number of converters with complex routings.

Control is accessed through the MIDI I/O on the Pulse 16, whereas the MX and DX versions can also be controlled via MIDI over MADI. Dante control is also available exclusively on the DX version.

For an overview of the capabilities of RemoteFish, watch our video here.

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With thanks to KMR Audio for providing the Moon Modular gear for this video.

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