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RME 12Mic-D – Overview Video – 12-Channel Dante Microphone Preamp

18th November 2022 5:16 pm

RME 12Mic-D - Wide Right - Synthax Audio UKAn overview of RME’s new 12-channel Dante-ready microphone preamp – the 12Mic-D.

In 2020, RME launched their line of next generation audio networking devices. Among the range was the 12Mic – a state-of-the-art, 12-channel digitally controlled microphone preamplifier designed for live audio systems, high-end studio recording, and modern audio networking installations.

Its combination of 12 transparent microphone preamps, impressive digital I/O offering and its AVB networking implementation caught the attention of producers, composers and engineers as well as magazine reviewers, picking up a Highly Commended Award from Sound on Sound in 2022 as well as a nomination for Preamp of the Year in Resolution’s 2021 end of year awards.

Now, RME have added a new version of their incredible 1U preamp, this time with Dante connectivity – the 12Mic-D.

Watch our overview video for a quick introduction to RME’s latest addition to their microphone preamp or read on for more information.

RME 12Mic-D Overview – 12 channel Microphone Preamp with MADI and Dante Connectivity

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The 12Mic-D is based around the same feature-packed design of its AVB sibling – 12 microphone preamps with RME’s trademark crystal clear conversion, as well as extensive front panel controls and ADAT and MADI connectivity. The 12Mic-D also features the same twin RJ45 network connections, swapping the Audio Video Bridging format for 64 channels of Audinate’s Dante networking protocol.

The 12Mic-D presents itself as a fantastic addition to any Dante audio networking audio system – whether that be a recording studio, or for location recording or as part of a broadcast audio setup. But its other digital connections make it the perfect solution for users looking to record a high number of microphones on an existing MADI or ADAT based setup.

Front and back panels of the RME 12Mic-D Dante microphone preampFront Panel

The front panel of the 12Mic-D is dominated by the 12 XLR connectors, each of which can accept both microphone and line level signals, with every channel benefiting from its own dedicated 48v Phantom Power switch. The first four channels also accept balanced audio signals via TRS, with switchable high impedance for recording instruments.

The 12Mic-D also features the same intuitive front panel control system that was designed from the ground up especially for RME’s range of AVB audio networking devices.

Four control buttons, a TFT display and an encoder allow for easy interaction with the 12Mic-D’s settings, whilst the headphone output provides an easy way to monitor any incoming or outgoing signal.

Back Panel

RME devices are known for their flexibility, and the 12Mic-D is no exception – there’s a variety of digital I/O that makes integrating the 12Mic-D into an existing setup incredibly simple.

Word Clock is available on traditional BNC connectors, as well as a USB port which can be used for firmware updates and also provides a connection to RME’s remote control user interface.

The 3 ADAT outputs mean that all 12 of the 12Mic-D’s microphone channels can be output at up to 96kHz. The ADAT outputs can also be combined with MADI and AVB or signals for up to 24 channels over ADAT.

MADI connectivity comes in two different formats. There is built-in Coaxial I/O available on BNC connectors, and optical MADI I/O can be added via an optional SFP module. These MADI connections can work independently, allowing for 128 channels to be sent in both directions, or as a redundant pairing for mission critical situations.

Dual Neutrik EtherCON ports provide Dante network redundancy, as well as offering 64 channels of Audinate’s audio networking protocol in both directions.  

RME 12Mic - Front Panel - Synthax Audio UKRapid User Interaction

The 12Mic-D’s user interface was redesigned entirely for RME’s AVB-ready devices, like the AVB Tool, M-1610 Pro and the original AVB 12Mic, and the 12Mic-D benefits from the same intuitive system. Designed with rapid interaction in mind, the UI has all the information you need available at a glance.

Each channel features a button that when pressed displays the relevant settings for that input.When a channel is selected, the encoder wheel on the far right of the unit controls the gain of the input.

You can switch between XLR and TRS connection for the XLR/TRS combi connections, as well as operating 48V and Hi-Z in the channel menu. Likewise on channels 5-12, phantom power can be selected if required.

The headphone button is also available for quickly monitoring the selected input signal.

With speed of use in mind, RME also added several very handy shortcuts that make quick work of certain common tasks. Shortcuts are available for quickly selecting phantom power across all channels, as well as for switching between XLR and TRS for the combi inputs.

Each input channel also has its own coloured-LED light which gives you a quick indication of the signal level. These intuitive controls and design features make interacting with the 12Mic-D as quick and simple as possible.

TotalMix FX - RME Babyface Pro FS - Synthax Audio UKUsing TotalMix

When paired with an RME audio interface, such as RME’s Digiface Dante, users of the 12Mic-D also benefit from TotalMix. TotalMix offers almost unlimited mixing and routing capabilities, with any input capable of being routed to an output.

Like other interfaces in the Digiface Series, users can gain access to a dedicated Control Room section with Talkback, Main/Phones, fader groups, mute groups, complete remote controllability via Mackie or OSC protocol, and much more.

Additionally RME’s latest software, TotalMix Remote, enhances the power of RME interfaces by enabling remote control via iOS, PC or Mac. Users can quickly adjust any aspect of TotalMix on a host system while walking around the studio with their tablet, or from a control room located elsewhere in the facility. For more information how to set up TotalMix Remote, check out our tutorial through the pop out above.

RME 12Mic - Web Remote - Synthax Audio UKRME Web Remote

As well as Dante Controller, users of the 12Mic-D have access to RME’s web-based router which can be access from any location on a connected network, as well as via the USB connection on the back panel. Like every other control aspect of the 12Mic-D, the web remote is designed to be quick and simple to operate, and allows for direct input to output connection, even for the Dante I/O.

Watch our overview of the RME Web Remote

Dante Controller

The 12Mic-D is instantly discoverable through Audinate’s Dante Controller, providing quick routing, configuration and integration into any existing Dante network. Dante Controller also helps to provide device status information and powerful real-time network monitoring, including device-level latency and clock stability stats, enabling you to quickly identify and resolve any potential network issues.

Dante Connectivity Meets RME Reliability

The AVB-ready 12Mic set a new standard for microphone preamps. With crystal-clear conversion, flexible digital connectivity options and intuitive user interface, RME released a device ready for the next generation of audio networking.

Now, the 12Mic-D has expanded the reach of their 1U 12-channel mic pre by adding Dante connectivity. Bringing the most popular audio networking format to RME’s most advanced preamp to date makes the 12Mic-D the ideal recording expansion for a wide range of scenarios across the pro audio world.

Learn more about the 12Mic-D

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