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Killer Mike and Fantastic Negrito Engineer Sets Up Shop in Los Angeles with the Lauten Audio Eden

26th April 2024 12:38 pm

Behind shot of sound engineer Migui Maloles in front of his computer

4x Grammy-winning Mixer/Engineer/FOH Engineer Migui Maloles on the purity of simple signal paths and small studio spaces

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 8, 2024 — Alexandro ‘Migui’ Maloles has had a meteoric rise over the past decade. The four-time Grammy-winning engineer has brought his considerable live and studio engineering chops to bear with artists like Fantastic Negrito, Killer Mike, Daniel Caesar, Lil Dicky, Tate McRae, Doja Cat, E-40, and P-Lo.

Having recently relocated to LA to be closer to his clients, Migui has assembled a new studio to accommodate the steady work he keeps getting offered. Looking for versatility in a streamlined setup, he has made the Lauten Audio Eden (Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser) his studio microphone of choice.


Being a conduit for artists

Like many engineers, a key element of Migui’s success has been his ability to tap into the artistic worlds of the artists and performers that he works with. His easy-going manner and ability to authentically channel many different styles of music are a natural outgrowth of his innate curiosity.

“What makes an artist choose an engineer is based on their ability to curate a creatively comfortable atmosphere,” he said. “Having that openness to create and low-key, positive attitude makes them feel like they can be themselves in the studio.”

“My whole goal is to be as transparent as possible, and I think of myself as being somewhat of an artistic chameleon. I just want to translate for these artists as clearly as possible and bring their interior worlds to life.”

Migui favors streamlined gear setups in his studio. In practice, he often chooses deliberately minimalist signal chains to minimize both the technical and conceptual distance between his artists and their performances. “The gear is obviously a huge part of the process, and you want to know every inch of what you have,” he said. “When it comes down to the base of it, though, it’s about getting the idea out and if you can get that atmosphere and energy the gear is really just the icing on the cake of that.”

“Given that, I take what I have really seriously and that’s one of the reasons why I started using the Lauten Eden for vocal performances — it was the perfect platform for that kind of setup.”


Lauten Audio Eden microphone in Migui Maloles recording studio

Simplicity and versatility

Although he now works in major studios around the world, Migui still likes returning to his roots and working in small, minimalist rooms. His studio in LA, which he describes as ‘more of an overdub and finishing room’, has been streamlined for a quick and rewarding recording process.

“One thing that I go for when buying gear is versatility,” he said. “What are the things that sound amazing, and I can get a lot out of, quickly? I want the stuff that sounds like butter and is easy to manipulate after the fact.”

“When I needed to pick my main studio mic I knew the Eden would be really good for that and also wouldn’t break the bank, so it was an obvious choice.”

Migui regularly utilizes Eden’s Multi-Voicing switch to give his artists a quick ‘vibe check’, empowering the artist to help find the sound that they want before delivering a performance. The ability to change things up while still maintaining a high-quality baseline sound is ideal for his workflow.

“The Eden is always up and ready to go because it’s three different microphones in one with that Multi-Voicing switch,” he said. “There’s a simplicity to using it where I can just get straight to the point, get a few inspiring sounds without any trouble, and process it however we need after the fact.

“Being able to change the sound up just enough is sometimes the x-factor that makes the artist go for it in the moment, and that’s what we want!”

Despite his success, Migui remains humble and continues to hone his skills and workflow to suit each project. Driven by his own curiosity, he’s always on the lookout for ways to keep his process simple, and inspiring.

“At the end of the day I’m relying on my experience and taste to work with these artists and keeping that simplicity and transparency at the forefront of what I do,” he said. “Riding the vibe is so important, and if you do that, you can make some incredible art.”

To find out where to buy Lauten Audio Microphones in the UK, visit our Authorised UK Dealers page.

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About Lauten Audio

Lauten Audio is a family-owned maker of original, inspiring microphones. Currently available products include the flagship “Eden” tube microphone, the award-winning “Atlantis” FET condenser microphone, the groundbreaking “Synergy Series” of noise-rejecting condenser microphones, and the new Series Black family of condenser microphones.

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