RME Basic Remote Control (BRC) (Discontinued)


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Please note that this product has been discontinued.

For the latest version see the RME Advanced Remote Control USB

Monitor Remote Controller
for RME Interfaces & ADI-8 QS


Included with the ADI-8 QS the RME Basic Remote Control (BRC) is also compatible with the RME Fireface 802 / UFX / UCX / MADIface XT and other RME interfaces released after 2011.

The BRC provides a solid metal case with a main encoder dial, two push buttons and a 5 m (16 ft.) cable. The BRC connects to a special port on the back of the main unit (labelled 'Remote').

Supported features with RME interfaces

The Basic Remote Control allows the user to control the most important monitoring functions of the Firefaces 802, UFX/UCX, MADIface XT and others:

- Volume control of the main output and both headphone outputs (switchable)

- DIM (user adjustable value)

- Recall and store of a reference level for the main outputs (user adjustable value)

- The left Prog button can be programmed by the user. It can be set to control any of the important functions of the internal hardware mixer TotalMix FX, including Talkback, Speaker B (for switching between two sets of speakers), Mono, Mute, Cue, recall of a mixer snapshot, access to Mute/Solo/Fader groups and much more.

Supported features with ADI-8 QS converter

The Basic Remote Control replaces the old RME Remote Control for the ADI-8 QS. It controls the following functions of the ADI-8 QS: volume, store, recall.


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