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RME MADIface USB – 128-Channel MADI Interface – Overview Video

1st November 2018 12:19 pm

An overview of the RME MADIface USB audio interface – 128 channels of audio over USB 2.0

With the newly released RME Digiface AVB, and the forthcoming Digiface Dante, RME continues to expand it’s line of small, portable and ultra-reliable desktop audio interfaces, with new options for digital audio networking and high-channel count interfacing.

And when it comes to the MADI protocol, nothing could be simpler than the RME MADIface USB, which continues to be an extremely popular solution for transmitting MADI to and from a Mac or PC. If you’d like to get a better understanding the of the powerful yet beautifully simple RME MADIface USB, check out the video below for a full overview.

Watch the RME MADIface USB Overview Video

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RME_MADIface_USB_Synthax_Audio_UK128 discrete channels of audio over USB 2.0

Suitable for everything from large studio recordings to live music venues, the MADIface USB is a bus-powered audio interface with MADI connectivity on both optical and BNC, with the ability to transfer a full 64 channel MADI stream to and from your computer, mixing console or other MADI-equipped hardware.

With the included routing and mixing capabilities offered by RME’s TotalMix FX, the MADIface USB can even be used for creating mixes, combining channels from both optical and coaxial inputs, along with other audio outputted from your computer.

What’s more, the MADIface USB can also be used for creating a redundant system, with the ability to use both optical and BNC connections in tandem, complete with automatic switching as a failsafe. Either output can be duplicated to the other, providing redundancy even when a single input is being used.


RME TotalMix Remote - Synthax Audio UKRME Technologies

TotalMix FX gives you a powerful routing and mixing matrix, and RME’s unrivalled MADI compatibility and Steadyclock clocking technology ensure hassle-free operation, when used to interface with other professional audio manufacturer’s equipment. And as of 2018, TotalMix FX can now be controlled wirelessly over any WiFi network, when used alongside the TotalMix Remote software, allowing you to control your MADIface USB from another Mac, PC, or even an iPad.

On to top of this, RME’s DIGICheck software (free to all RME users) provides a useful suite of audio analysis tools, with features including detailed level metering, spectral analysis, Bit distortion measurement, stereo width and phase information.

If you’d prefer to keep things as simple as possible, TotalMix can even be disabled, with all I/O simply passing audio straight to and from your Mac or PC.

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MADI Portability At Its Best

The RME MADIface USB is arguably the simplest and most intuitive MADI solution available. And by using USB 2.0 as the protocol, it also allows you to interface via MADI with the largest number of Macs and PCs. It’s also bus-powerable, drawing all the power it needs from the USB connection, and the tiny footprint means it can easily form part of a small, portable yet powerful mobile rig.

Mixer, router, format converter, stream splitter, signal repeater – the MADIface USB is the perfect desktop solution to connect MADI equipment to any Mac or PC.

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And if you need even more channels? Take a look at the RME MADIface XT – 196 In / 198 Out MADI interface

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