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Appsys Multiverter MVR-64 (with SRC) Video – The Swiss-Army-Knife of Digital Audio Converters

13th November 2020 4:39 pm

Synthax UK’s Broadcast Sales Manager takes us through the Appsys Multiverter with optional SRC, a 64 in/64 out digital audio format converter.

The Appsys Multiverter is a true Swiss-Army-Knife of audio conversion. Designed in Switzerland by Appsys ProAudio, the MVR-64 is an invaluable tool for live audio and broadcast engineers, capable of translating between many digital audio formats – any to any, and all at once!

For our latest video, Synthax UK’s resident broadcast expert Simon Roome takes us through the Multiverter’s many features – including the optional SRC (sample-rate-converter) – and provides a couple of usage scenarios, highlighting the Multiverter’s main benefits for live and broadcast audio.


Appsys Multiverter MVR-64 – The Swiss-Army-Knife of Digital Audio Converters

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Appsys ProAudio Multiverter - Synthax Audio UKWhy choose between digital audio formats when you can have them all?

The Appsys Multiverter is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all of your digital format conversion needs, with the ability to freely convert and route between a number of the most commonly-used digital audio formats – Dante, MADI Optical, MADI Coaxial, MADI TP (Twisted Pair), ADAT Optical, AES 50.

Additional formats will also be available soon via the upcoming Appsys Flexiverter modules.

Any input can freely be routed to any output, with individual channel-routing between different formats made possible via remote control (when using the integrated browser-based app), or via command line.

The routing matrix supports 448×448 channels (7×7 interfaces with 64ch each) at single speed modes, 224×224 channels at double-speed, and 112×112 channels at quad-speed modes.

An integrated headphone amplifier allows for device-level problem solving and diagnostics, in conjunction with the on-board test tone generator, whilst triple-redundant power supplies allow for an unprecedented level of fail-safe during ‘mission critical’ applications.

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Appsys ProAudio SRC-64 - Feature Image - Synthax Audio UKOptional SRC (Sample Rate Converter)

The Appsys SRC adds asynchronous sample rate conversion for all incoming and outgoing audio channels, enabling conversion between formats regardless of sample rate and clocking.

Asynchronous, bi-directional conversion is possible of all 64 I/O channels (up to 96 kHz; 32 I/O at 192 kHz), with support for sample rates from 32 – 192 kHz.

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Appsys Flexiverter - AES3 - AES67 - ST2110 - Synthax Audio UKComing Soon: Appsys Flexiverter Expansion Modules

Appsys will be expanding the Multiverter with a series of additional I/O modules, with support for other formats such as AES3 and AES67/ST2110.

Each module can be used standalone, or connect with the Multiverter via the Expansion port (which uses an HDMI Type-A connector).

More info to follow so watch this space!

Appsys ProAudio Logo

The Appsys ProAudio Multiverter is the ideal solution for recording studios, live, broadcast and audio networking (AoIP).

If you’d like to know more about the Multiverter, give us a call on 01727 821 870 to speak to one of our team or to arrange a demo.