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RME 12Mic, AVB Tool and Digiface AVB review by Pro Tools Expert

23rd July 2020 4:52 pm

Pro Tools Expert - RME 12Mic AVB Review - Synthax Audio UKPro Tools / Production Expert tests out RME’s new AVB products as part of a modern audio networking ecosystem.

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RME’s new AoIP-focused products were launched at NAMM earlier this year, and they’ve now received a thorough testing from the music production specialists at Pro Tools / Production Experts.

No review of an audio networking based setup would be complete without a selection of products to choose from, hence why reviewer James Richmond was keen to test out the RME AVB Tool and 12Mic alongside the RME Digiface AVB, to form a complete networking solution for use in studio and live audio.


“Excellent drivers and a clean neutral sound”


James provides plenty of detail about his experience in using the setup as a cohesive whole, discussing the sound quality and user experience, as well as some of the technical aspects of routing audio with AVB, which for RME devices includes the use of the new browser-based web controller.

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RME-Digiface-AVB-Perspective - 1200RME Digiface AVB

Whilst Mac users have access to AVB already (it’s built into the operating system), Windows users need a method of interfacing their AVB devices with the computer, which is where the Digiface AVB comes into play.

Apple’s AVB implementation is also not as fully-formed in its integration as one might hope for, with most of the capabilities hidden by default (accessible via the Mac terminal), and currently no support for the MILAN standard. As such, RME made the Digiface AVB available for Mac users as well.


“Latency figures for the Digiface AVB are very good indeed”


With the Digiface AVB connected to a USB 3.0 port, you therefore have an AVB system that ensures RME’s tradition of ‘rock-solid’ reliability, not to mention the familiarity and flexibility offered by TotalMix, with the ability to create a large number of submixes to be routed back out via AVB.

Find out more about the RME Digiface AVB


RME AVB Tool - Perspective - Synthax Audio UKRME AVB Tool

The RME AVB Tool is a 4-channel microphone preamp with MADI and AVB, primarily designed for situations that require a couple of additional high-quality preamps and outputs – or for those times when a mic preamp must be placed in a hidden or hard to reach area (e.g. during location recordings), with AVB Ethernet cables running up to 100m.


“The mic preamps are crisp and clean with 75dB of gain available…
…Audio output is similarly transparent – it is a great sounding unit.”


Options are also included for monitoring direct from the AVB Tool via a pair of balanced TRS outputs (and on-board headphone amplifier), for listening to any signal on the network and with pristine sonics, courtesy of RME’s new SteadyClock FS technology.

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RME 12Mic

Lastly we have the RME 12Mic, a 12-Channel microphone preamplifier with AVB and MADI I/O, for immediate pairing with any existing MADI-based setups.

3 x ADAT outputs offer additional flexibility for connecting with a wide range of RME audio interfaces, expanding studio and live recording setups with a set of highly accurate preamps, and additional DA conversion via the headphone output.


“The 12Mic is a fantastic analogue front end for tracking bands”


Finishing up his review, James writes “If you are looking at an AVB based installation, or already running a MADI-based studio then I’d urge you to book some time with your local retailer to investigate them more fully.”

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Many thanks to James Richmond / Production Expert for the great review! Read the full review for yourself here.

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