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Synthfest UK 2022 Roundup – RME, Ferrofish and Dynaudio

31st October 2022 5:27 pm

Synthfest UK - Stand Wide Landscape - Synthax Audio UKA look back at the UK’s biggest specialist synthesizer event, organized in association with Sound on Sound Magazine.

For the first time since 2019, Synthfest UK returned to the Octagon Centre in Sheffield. With 80s Synth-Pop icons The Human League being formed in the city, it was incredibly fitting that Sound on Sound’s show dedicated to all things synth returned to Sheffield this year.

Synthfest UK was a sold out event, giving a huge number of synth enthusiasts the chance to get up close and personal with gear from some of the biggest names in the hardware and modular synthesizer world. As well as a huge roster of exhibitors, Synthfest UK played host to a wide range of seminars and workshops, as well as a Modular Meet, giving modular collectors the chance to experiment with incredibly rare synthesizers.

Synthax Audio were on hand to show off a range of interfaces and converters from RME and Ferrofish, as well as to offer advice to visitors looking for recording solutions for their production setups.

Alongside our range of products from RME and Ferrofish, Synthfest UK was our first outing as Dynaudio’s UK and Ireland Pro Audio Distributor and we loved having the chance to discuss their collection of Studio Monitors with visitors to the show.

A big thank you to everyone who came by to say hello and chat about the brands!

If you’d like to know more about any of the products we had on show at Synthfest UK, give us a call on 01727 821 870 to speak to one of our team. You can also contact us here.


Synthfest UK - Rack Unit Portrait - Synthax Audio UKRME Audio Interfaces

RME have been developing intelligent audio solutions for over twenty years and have been relied upon by recording engineers and producers in studios around the world. They have built a reputation for being reliable and rock-solid, as well as for their outstanding sound recording and reproduction.

With their latest USB audio interface offering, the Fireface UCX II, RME have continued their commitment to making interfaces that are as powerful as they are flexible. Featuring a total of 40-channels, RME’s stellar SteadyClock FS digital clocking technology; high performance microphone inputs; TotalMix FX mixing and routing software; stand-alone hard disk recording to external USB hard drives or pen drives via ‘DURec’ (Direct USB Recording); the Fireface UCX II is RME’s most feature-packed interface to date.

What’s more, for modular users, the UCX II features DC-coupled outputs. This makes the UCX II the perfect recording device for owners of modular synths, allowing for CV to be sent to modular synthesizers via DAWs like Ableton or by using Native Instrument’s Reaktor.

The incredibly popular Babyface Pro FS was also on display on the Synthax Audio stand. The Babyface Pro FS has been designed with portability in mind. From its compact desktop form to its ability to run 48V phantom power through both microphones over bus power, the Babyface Pro is the perfect interface for audio professionals who are looking for incredible stability and sound quality.

Learn more about RME Audio Interfaces


RME Audio AD/DA Converters

For the synth enthusiast that wants a way of recording their rare and vintage synthesizers in the highest possible quality, or for reference-class monitoring and headphone listening, RME also offers a range of mastering-quality AD/DA conversion solutions, a selection of which we brought with us to show off to visitors.

The award-winning ADI-2 Pro FS R, RME’s 2-channel reference-class converter was on show, providing high-quality conversion and feeding our display of Dynaudio speakers. RME’s rack-mountable, high channel count converters were also on display at Synthfest UK.

For electronic producers and synth lovers that require extremely accurate recording and playback, maybe for recording a beloved vintage synth in the highest possible quality, the RME M-32 Pro and M-1610 Pro are the ideal solution.

Based around the ADI-2 Pro, the M-32 Pro offers 32 channels of AD or DA conversion in a 1U device, providing class-leading conversion for larger channel count applications across only 2U. For bringing classic hardware instruments into the digital world for recording in the best possible quality, the M-32 Pro AD is the perfect device.

For studios and recording setups that require precise, accurate conversion in a smaller footprint, the RME M-1610 Pro is designed around the same conversion technology as the M-32 Pro, whilst offering 16 input channels and 10 output channels in a 1U 19” rackmount.

Learn more about RME’s range of AD/DA Converters


Ferrofish Pulse 16 CV - Synthax Audio UKFerrofish Pulse 16 CV

Ferrofish’s 16-channel AD/DA, the Pulse 16 CV, also joined us at Synthfest UK. The Pulse 16 has proved a popular product amongst engineers, composers and producers looking to combine a wide range of analogue outboard and hardware instruments into a recording setup at a cost-effective price point.

Ferrofish have since released the Pulse 16 CV, offering the same 16-channels of analogue inputs alongside DC-coupling of the 16 analogue output channels. This simple modification makes the Pulse 16 CV capable of sending control voltages (CV) to other equipment such as analogue and modular synthesizers, such as those used by Eurorack, Frac Rack and Modcan/Moog/Synthesizers.com modular setups.

Learn more about Ferrofish’s range of AD/DA Converters


Dynaudio LYD 5 - Half Profile - Synthax Audio UKDynaudio Studio Monitors

For the first time as their Pro Audio distributor for the UK and Ireland, we brought along members of Dynaudio’s LYD range to Synthfest. Both the LYD 5 and LYD 8 featured on the stand, giving people a closer look (and listen) at the range.

LYD combines Dynaudio’s decades of experience in producing no-compromise reference systems for major studios all over the world, with expertise in home and car audio, digital processing technology and materials science. From bedroom producers to professional engineers, the LYD series has been designed to bring Dynaudio’s truthful sound to studios of all sizes and users of all abilities.

Available as a 5”, 7” or 8” two-way monitor variety or as a 8” three-way with a 4” midrange speaker, the LYD series has a variety of speakers to fit all studios and recording spaces.

Learn more about the Dynaudio LYD Series


Synthax Audio UK - Logo - 2019If you’d like to know more about any of the products we supply, give us a call on 01727 821 870 to speak to one of our team or to arrange a demo.

You can also contact us here.

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