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Lauten Audio Announce New Series Black Microphones

13th January 2023 1:46 pm

Lauten Audio LA-320 V2 - Lifestyle Image - Synthax Audio UKLauten Audio have announced the V2 release of their Series Black family, bringing improvements to the popular LA-120, LA-220 and LA-320 microphones .

The Series Black range from Lauten Audio has long been admired by prominent figures in the audio industry, with Grammy-winning engineer Darrell Thorp and producer Greg Wells among the users of Series Black microphones. Lauten’s Series Black mics can also be heard on recordings from Rock heavyweights Foo Fighters, as well as on the new Snarky Puppy album Empire Central.

Now, Lauten have announced updated versions of the entire Series Black range, with functional improvements as well as a new eye-catching look.

All three microphones in the Series Black family now feature polished and engraved nickel head-baskets, while the LA-320 has received a brand new design, bringing it in line with their flagship Eden LT-386 tube microphone.

The new-look Series Black family has also seen some additional “finishing touches” to offer the premium feel of Lauten’s high-end Signature series at a cost-effective price point. The smooth, silk-screened labeling found on the original microphones has made way for hand-filled lettering and now includes a striking red Lauten Audio inset badge.

Alongside the design overhaul of all three microphones, the LA-220 and LA-320 mics have gained an entirely redesigned, open-face shock mount system that provides improved flexibility, reliability, and isolation.

Lauten Audio have maintained the critically-acclaimed sound that has made the Series Black an important tool in the arsenal of industry-leading engineers and producers by continuing to craft their own capsule and circuitry to produce the most authentic sound possible.

Learn more about all of the microphones in the Series Black range below.


The New ‘Series Black’ Family of Microphones Are Here (LA-120 V2, LA-220 V2 and LA-320 V2)

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Lauten Audio LA-320 V2 - Synthax Audio UKLauten Audio LA-320 V2

The LA-320 V2 is a twin-tone tube microphone that offers both the warmth and body of a vintage tube microphone with the clarity and presence of a modern tube microphone at the flip of a switch. The LA-320 V2 has been built around Lauten’s own custom-made capsule which delivers a natural sound balance and subtle compression, as well as a hand-soldered tube circuit path. The new LA-320 V2 is not only similar to the flagship Eden LT-386 in look, but it has also been designed to bring Lauten Audio’s signature blend of vintage and modern tube sound to what ever sound source is being recorded.

Much of Lauten Audio’s microphone building philosophy centres around designing versatile microphones that can be used for a wide range of sources, eliminating the time wasted searching for the correct tool for the job. The LA-320 V2 is no different, offering unique sound shaping capabilities that help to remove the need to swap microphones during a recording session. The High Pass and Low Pass switches make it possible to move between recording acoustic guitar to modern pop vocals at the flip of a switch. There are tones and timbres for a wide range of scenarios, with the LA-320 V2 delivering both classic and modern sounds in one microphone.

Learn more about the Lauten Audio LA-320 V2


Lauten Audio LA-120 V2 - Synthax Audio UKLauten Audio LA-220 V2

The Lauten Audio LA-220 V2 is a FET microphone that, much like its tube sibling the LA-320, offers both classic warmth and modern clarity simply by flipping a switch. Just like other microphones in the Series Black range, the LA-220 V2 has been designed to sound incredible without the need for the intricate signal chains that many vintage microphones are paired with.

The custom-made Lauten Audio capsule is the foundation of the LA-220 V2’s design. Creating a unique yet versatile starting point for any session, the microphone’s wide range of recording applications is unlocked when used with the LA-220 V2’s sound shaping switches.

Just like the larger tube-based LA-320, the LA-220 V2’s analogue filters make it quick and easy to access a wide range of sounds. These sound-shaping capabilities transform the LA-220 V2 – and the rest of the Series Black – into a microphone that can handle everything from punchy vocals to electric guitar effortlessly.

Learn more about the Lauten Audio LA-220


Lauten Audio LA-120 V2

The Lauten Audio LA-120 V2 is a transformerless condenser microphone that offers incredible transparency and sonic flexibility. This uniquely configurable design is equipped with analogue sound-shaping onboard and includes interchangeable Cardioid and Omni capsule. This makes the LA-120 V2 an incredibly versatile microphone, perfect for recording a wide range of sound sources.

Like the rest of the Series Black microphones, the LA-120 V2 has been designed around reproducing the vibrance and character of a sound as authentically as possible. For this reason, Lauten built the LA-120 V2 around a US-made JFET to help capture what they call “unprecedented realism”.

There are two sound-shaping options which offer a wide range of tones at the flip of a switch. The combination of high pass and low pass switches makes the LA-120 V2 a fantastic choice for everything from drum overheads to piano, as well as authentically recording strings and acoustic guitars.

If the LA-120 V2 is the microphone of choice for louder sources, like toms and snare drums, then Lauten’s optional in-line pads provide the solution. These special designed pads allow the dynamic range and depth to be fully utilized on high SPL sound sources.

Learn more about the Lauten Audio LA-120 V2


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